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A specific adult-oriented managa where the male lead is seduced by a female vampire/demon

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10:14 pm, Feb 24 2020
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I remember reading this manga years ago now, but can't remember the title. It was edgy and definitely NSFW. I didn't get far into it because the subject matter was a bit too much for me at the time.

What I remember about is that the male-lead, who has a female childhood friend, who gets seduced by the female-lead who turns out to be a vampire or succubus or demon. I explicitly remember that I stopped reading because the childhood friend is mind controlled/seduced and raped by the female-leads familiar.

Hopefully that's enough to go off of.

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2:33 am, Feb 25 2020
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This Holy Knight
I don't recommend this tho

Yeah I know my english is bad
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2:52 am, Feb 25 2020
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That's it, thanks.

I needed to know because the title "Vampire Knight" was the first thing that came to mind, but that was definitely not the right title.

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