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Shoujo manga

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12:12 pm, May 28 2020
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I'm looking for a manga where the girl doesn't blush for every little thing that happens and kind of "plays" with the guy/s like girls from this site - . I don't want her to be completely emotionless either but has a carefree kind of personality. Her being considered a beauty is also a plus. Thank you!

I'd also appreciate it if the guy in it was also good looking unlike 3D Kanojo although I wouldn't mind it either way.

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2:42 pm, May 28 2020
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By the Way, Dragon Mistress!

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12:31 pm, May 29 2020
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Maybe these:
Furare Girl (one of my faves)
Otokonoko ni Toriko (also liked this, though I can understand that some might not)
Koi desu ga Koi Janai
Shitsuji-dono no Ai Neko maybe check out this author? You might like her stuff (personally I didn't)

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6:34 am, Jun 1 2020
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maybe Boku datte, Kiss Shitai.? Bijo de Yajuu no Romance also comes to mind, but it's josei

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