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A arranged marriage manga

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8:34 pm, Jun 5 2020
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I want an arranged marriage manga where both characters r forced into marriage. I want them both to grow to love one another slowly. I want explicit sex scenes if possible. I want the manga to show the awkwardness at first which then proceeds to form into love. An example can be a brides story or the yaoi manga, ookami e no yameiri. I don't really read shoujo ai, so pls no go. Yaoi is perfect but if prefar it to be a straight couple.

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11:44 pm, Jun 5 2020
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When you get a chance take at look at this list: d+Marriage. Arranged Marriage is a category and it is a great way to find new titles.

My personal favorites are Hanayome-kun and it's sequel Hanamuko-san. I also enjoyed Royal Fiancé. All three titles are yaoi.

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2:02 am, Jun 6 2020
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Thank you so much 🙂

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1:03 am, Jun 20 2020
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Hapi Mari-complete: 40 chapters

This manga meets all your criteria.

Forced arrange marriage, or really a marriage between two people who aren’t in love but marry each other in order to benefit their situations

Josei: very mature, not at all shoujo

Very explicit sex scenes. Of course, it’s not a hentai comic so any sexual body parts besides the woman’s breast aren’t seen. But, the scenes and dialogue are very realistic and very intense. Has a very similar sexual intensity as Midnight Secretary.

As for relationship growth, very much so. The whole manga is about experiencing and working with the process of marriage. Though both partners didn’t love each other at first, they slowly but surely develop feelings for one another.

Overall, this manga is really worth reading! It really gives the reader the feelings and insight of growing with someone and trying to work out a relationship, even if that relationship isn’t marriage. Also, the storyline and plot is really interesting along with all the spicy interactions between the protagonist. So please check it out!

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