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Royal Fiancé  
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From Shinmakoku Scanlations:

Honami Kairi's fate changes when he accepted an offer from an old man to work for a rich family as a housekeeper. The low-level job suddenly transforms into a wedding workout with his schoolmate, the foreign Royal Prince Shou...! It's a fairytale with a twist...


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Associated Names
Royal Fiancé 'Black Prince'
The Royal Fiance
The Royal Fiancé
ロイヤル・フィアンセ -黒の王子-

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v.1 c.Extra by Shinmakoku Scanlations over 11 years ago
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c.5 by Black Lilac Scans over 11 years ago
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I wanted to like this...  
by ghost_kun
June 17th, 2017, 11:49pm
Rating: 3.0 / 10.0
I wanted to like this, but it was just too poorly executed. While the art looks pretty at first glance, there really aren't any facial expressions, so the feels never fully transmit to the reader.
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A big no for me  
by Onhi
July 14th, 2016, 7:59am
Rating: N/A
I guess it's a matter of taste, but I honestly don't understand why so many people give this manga such a high rating. The story falls into clichés, which honestly wouldn't be so bad if it was made correctly. But the mangaka simply re-uses old tropes, and doesn't try to offer a different story. I absolutely loathed the seme's (I won't bother remembering the names) behavior until the very end, I find it inacceptable that after all the abuse and rape (who are heavily romanticized) the uke has to go thorugh, he still manages to fall in love with the seme. The uke is also boring, just like the heroine of an extremely cliché and bad shoujo manga (because no I don't loathe all the shojo genre, there are garbages and masterpieces just like in any other genre be it shonen, seinen, yaoi...). Well I guess the art was pretty so I gave it one star. I'd rather cut myself with a razor than read this again though.
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Pretty Basic  
by sarin68
March 12th, 2016, 12:22am
Rating: 4.0 / 10.0
It's exactly what you think you'll get from something titled "The Royal Fiance". I mean seriously, the stereotypes are all over the place. I read this back when I was into shoujo and understand why I liked it so much now as opposed to now when I dislike the simplicity of the shoujo genre. I prefer yaoi with developed plots and characters that might be cliche or stereotypes but it works for them or they skew it or something, and this just fell flat of my later expectations. It was honestly really hard for me to reread it so I could post a review (something I try and do often).

So if you like shoujo, definitely one for you.

... Last updated on March 12th, 2016, 12:25am
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by BLtaku
September 6th, 2015, 3:31am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
I think this was one of my first yaoi manga.
I found it to be very good when I first read it, good art, a plot that I generally preferred, and it was cute.
No offense to some, but I generally find Kamon Saeko's works to be lacking in the emotional and complication area, perhaps also on realistic feelings and thoughts, so I found that this particular work that was completed with Kamon Saeko's art and Asuma Risai's story to be great.
It also has a sort of cinderella plot, which would be good for people who like those. I also found the main character to be appealing; a good natured and humble person.
I believe that it could be a good read for someone who first starts off with yaoi.
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My fav~  
by Sami_chan
April 14th, 2013, 12:30pm
Rating: 8.5 / 10.0
This is great.
It's if you don't mind Cinderella story, blushing feminine uke and maybe some "silly" flaws too... The art is very nice, the uke is a little weak but I think his weakness is what needed for the story to go on its way so can't really blame him for that , and I like the princely possessive violent seme so this is just right for mebigrazz
I only wish this could be longer. Judge from the first four chapters I believe the author could do much more than this but had to end this rushly to fits in 5 chapters and that ruined everythings;(
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by Namiya
September 9th, 2012, 3:04am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
The cliche type of story of a poor innocent kid being force married to some rich seme may be nothing new but I'm sure I'm not the only one finding that generally interesting.
When I read the tag "rape" I thought this might not be that great, because I personally feel rape can ruin a lot of otherwise sweet and romantic stories, however, it really fit decently here.

The art is AMAZING! The characters are interesting and while you easily feel bad for the little uke, he didn't really come across as suffering that much... I mean come on! Nobody can hate a seme THAT hot!!!

I agree there's gaps in the story where it feels something's just missing but it's still a good read, and the only complaint I'd have is putting it into 1 volume instead of drawing it out, milking it and making it a multi-volume series instead.
Also I'm sure lots of people want to read the story of the king and the secretary as well, where is that?! More please!
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Good but there are 'gaps'  
by Sky Cross
April 12th, 2012, 12:54pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
Okay, I don't like the idea much of foreign princes of made-up countries... but I guess that's just my taste. The thing is though that it didn't bother me in this story. Partly because I liked the art very much, which is always a big plus in my opinion, and partly because it was rather well-executed. It wasn't overly 'fantasized', if you see what I mean. It had the fairy-tale plot, but I felt the story was still more serious than other 'foreign prince stuff' I read. Shou WASN'T depicted as a mix between a european knight in a sea of roses, an arrogant arabian sultan, and an alien. (fyi, I AM accusing certain mangakas of commiting such awful crimes as creating that kind of character)
So I THANK GOD it didn't happen here.

BUT this had another drawback instead, not that awful but stil a bit disturbing. I had the impression while reading this that some parts had just been 'jumped over'. Like the fact that Kairi was hired as a housekeeper, and not as a queen (which was weird too, but acceptable). But he just went along pretty easily. In his place I would've protested from the start. But no, he was apparently okay with being trained as a 'bride' and then going to a far-away country, leaving his aunt behind, to marry a future king.
And when did he fall in love? one moment he wasn't, and suddenly he was all lovey-dovey. I didn't see it happen. That was way too fast.

It's just one of those stories where some things go conveniently easy. I understand there isn't much time in five chapters to handle every little difficulty, but in the way it happened in 'Royal Prince', it didn't feel realistic enough. There really were noticeable 'gaps' that have to be filled in by the reader. Someone is being chased, and then suddenly the chase is forgotten. There are many more examples. The story is a bit erratic.

Other than that, I think it was an 'enjoyable enough' read, and I would recommend to try it. But I really can't say if you'll like it. If the art hadn't been good, I would've rated it five instead of seven, I think.

... Last updated on April 12th, 2012, 1:27pm
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Smutty Goodness, Cliches and Happy Endings  
by Ballads
December 5th, 2011, 10:49pm
Rating: N/A
The first thing I'll say is that the art's sweet, absolutely gorgeous. Of course, there may be those who believe Kairi (the uke) a little too feminine for their tastes, but I find him tastefully adorable. Taste and preferences are far too subjective, but I would never feel that it is in my right to criticize (not critique, distinct difference) just because it was not to my liking.

Onto the plot, yes, I must admit, it is a multitude of cliches, the entire story line is probably built on cliches, but I fail to see what makes it less of a good manga, simply because the plot follows the typical drama. There's a certain reason and logic as to why cliches are formed. With the exception of a petty group that finds perverse satisfaction in nitpicking overused plots and denouncing them as shallow and frivolous, there is an ever-present demand for such books (manga).

Why would Harlequin print a hundred books about Greek and Texas Tycoons, why would the market for historical romances thrive, why is it that mobster bosses and brooding vampires and arrogant princes are so dreadfully appealing? Why? People (oh, you may call us shallow and frivolous) do enjoy cliches. I personally love a good cliche. You know what's a cliche? Happy endings. The biggest cliche in the history of mankind. Do you hate all books and all manga with happy endings?

Maybe. I wouldn't put it past some people, but that of course speaks for a minority. I believe the majority loves a good ending. Correct me if I'm wrong. Perhaps times have changed and the market now decides we like the characters that we have all come to feel for die a horrible, gruesome death.

Clearly there are several notable flaws in the plot, mentioned several times before me, the Divine Grape Tree. Yes, the reason it is so revered is that it is a tree that grows grape when grape actually grows on vines. Okay, so I see the problem, but what I don't see is how that affects the entire story, it could be a sacred golden flower, or a silver dragon, or a gigantic three-storey clam for all I care. I wouldn't be one to nitpick, it's a manga for heaven's sake, and yaoi to boot, realism is not what I'm looking for.

Yet I must admit that there is something lacking in the relationship between the main couple, which, I must say, didn't seem to be getting anywhere and suddenly seemed to have gotten somewhere. All the misunderstanding and hurt ever-present in the four long angst-ridden chapters can hardly be resolved in five short pages, maybe three. It does seem rushed, and perhaps slightly disappointing when the reader has been expecting more.

All in all, I still believe this to be a wonderful mainstream sort of manga, in a not quite mainstream genre, while there is room for improvement (in pacing and character development mostly) as there always is in any form of media, I have undoubtedly found in this manga, a greatly satisfying read, and it is something I do enjoy enough to pick up again after I've read it through once.

... Last updated on December 5th, 2011, 10:50pm
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It's good..  
by jnatsumi
November 29th, 2011, 2:01am
Rating: N/A
There's not much plot to it at all... but most yaoi are like that, you know.
And for those who complain that this is "cliche." Gosh, most manga out there are of cliche themes--and not all of them are yaoi.
Cinderella story? Small and effeminate uke? That's typical yaoi manga. It's kinda sad, but really good ones are hard to come by.
I could understand a bit why some comments seem upset over the obviousness and cliche-ness of the plot, but ... erg, don't trash this just because it's filled with cliche, yea?

In my opinion, this manga was a good and fast read. It has all the elements to make it a better and longer manga, but unfortunately it doesn't go more than 6 chapters (5 chapters + extra). I do agree with the other comment that the story, especially the relationship between the uke and the seme could have been elaborated more. I thought it was just cut too short and at a weird place...
Just like I said, it's a sort of cinderella story themed yaoi.
The uke is small, effeminate (but not overly so). Very kind. Cute. I thought the uke was really cute and lovable. I didn't mistaken him for a woman or anything like that.
The seme is handsome, perfect, princely in everyway. But he has trust issues and is cold.
...It's very hard not to spoil this. I bet most of you guys reading this would probably guess the plot already. haha.
There's not much, if at all, real comedy in this. But it's not a serious manga either.
It's a romance story--like most yaoi are. So... yea. Expect lots of blushing and sex.
The sex: graphic, but not 'hard core.' If you read this in mangafox, for the sensitive ppl out there, be warn that there's no censor (no white strips, if you know what I mean). It wasn't overdone and tacky. It kept things sensual without revealing too much.

I'd recommend it for anyone who's looking for a fast read.

Oh yeah, the art.... ohhhhh the art is exactly my type. I totally love love love the art. So nicely done. Clean, well drawn, hmm mmm! But that's just me though; everybody has different perception of what's considered "good art." smile) I think imma rate this a 9 mostly just because of the art, lol. smile
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up till now, the worst manga i've ever read  
by liontaraki
November 24th, 2011, 5:29pm
Rating: N/A
i will only say this--> check out the "legendary grape tree" 30 pages from the back.... it's an actually tree. i mean, let's say that i accept the fantasy theme (including the royal gay marriage). is it a part of the story the fact that grapes come out of trees and not from vinesconfused i still can't stomach it, so i'm going to rate the manga poorly, though the story is a slightly bit better than that.
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