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Can anybody help me find this manga?

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3:13 am, Jun 29 2020
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Hey there! Can anyone please help me on finding this manga again? I don't know why this manga always pops up in the most random times but I barely remember it. I only kinda remember this one character. This character had alcohol in his stomach(?) because his father would experiment on him. He also had a bucket(?) on his head, I think it's because he fell down real bad or something. When he grew up he got really buff(? or big) and got with the girl MC was holding a ring(?) for. This character also dies to save the MC I think. Sorry there are so many question marks, I'm not sure whether it's my imagination or it was actually in the manga. I would be very surprised and also very thankful if anyone actually manages to understand to what I am trying to get at. Thank you in advance.

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4:28 am, Jun 29 2020
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That sounds very much like one of the characters from To You, The Immortal.

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4:06 pm, Jun 29 2020
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I'm pretty sure that's it. I always remember it at the weirdest times. Thank you so much!

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