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Manga that teaches you about law

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6:29 pm, Jul 30 2020
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I really enjoy reading Dr. Stone and how Senku uses chemistry and physics to overcome problems in the manga.

I'm looking for something along those lines, but with law instead of science. I mean real laws that apply to a specific country or international law or something. Not made up laws that apply to a made up country.

Anyone knows something like that?

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7:26 pm, Jul 30 2020
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The entire Phoenix Wright series is a complete parody on how the Japanese justice system works.

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10:26 pm, Jul 30 2020
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I wish to join this request. I used to practice law in the USA before I retired. I would LOVE to learn about Japanese law and court practice through a manga!

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7:35 am, Jul 31 2020
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Jekyll to Hyde to Saibanin this manga is pretty good it teaches you about Japanese law and what to do in court, i love how the MC interact with other characters and how their intentios different from one another.

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7:42 am, Jul 31 2020
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I remember Isekai Houtei: Rebuttal Barrister has quite a bit about Japanese law, even though it's an isekai. Don't know if you'll actually learn anything from it, though, since the cases are very... specific.

Kurosagi also has a lot about Japanese laws re: fraud, covering a lot of angles.

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