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MC's boyfriend gets frozen in time; she becomes a scientist to unfreeze him

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8:52 pm, Aug 30 2020
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Possibly a short.

Possibly with the genders the other way around (Guy MC, girlfriend gets frozen in time).

Possibly part of an anthology.

Also, if you want, if you please, suggest any such wacky lighthearted romance (well; I remember it was lighthearted at least...). Another similar example (in my mind) is Coulomb Fille.


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1:40 pm, Sep 5 2020
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Probably not what you are looking for but it reminded me of Yakudatazu Skill ni Jinsei o Sosogikomi 25-nen, Imasara Saikyou no Boukentan Midori Kashi no Akira

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5:04 pm, Sep 8 2020
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Your request makes me think of the first story in Yumenara Samenaide, though the genders are reversed and it's not a "sci-fi" frozen-in-time type of story.

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4:57 pm, Sep 12 2020
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the explanation fit, but i'm not so sure because this one is a 2 volume manga (completed)

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5:05 pm, Sep 12 2020
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Oh, this makes me think of a story that included time travel... I think the MC was abused by their family or something, met the love interest who was revealed to be from the future and MC studied to become a scientist...
Not quite what you're looking for, but familiar :/

Edit: This seems similar to what you asked for though

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