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Need help looking for a manga, again!

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7:30 am, Jan 13 2021
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I'm trying to curate my manga history dating from my high school days. Thankfully, Alimeru the goat came through with my last request, but I need help to find another manga again.

This manga was I believe an autobiography; the protagonist was first accused of being a sexual harasser or something and was arrested or taking n for questioning. He was able to clear his name and I think helped find the true suspect. The girl that accuses her invites him to a hangout/mixer (they were college graduates or late 20s). He then meets I believe 3 girls from that and befriends them ultimately. One day, I think the girl who accused him (or friend) invited him over and played she an RPG game on Play station 2. She confesses, but he declines. He then goes after the other friend and that's pretty much how he met his wife.

It's all I recalled story wise. Girl who confessed to him I believe was wearing a ponytail or something and the future wife was wearing glasses. I think it was a mature genre, but again, it's a bit of a blur. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it!

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1:25 pm, Jan 13 2021
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i'm pretty sure it's molester man

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5:33 am, Jan 14 2021
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Thank you! I got even details wrong, but you still came through. I appreciate the help.

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