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Anime/manga where male lead is like kyouya sata from Wolf Girl and Black Prince

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12:40 am, Apr 22 2021
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3:32 am, Apr 22 2021
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If I describe Sata Kyouya's character: cold, rude, tsundere, but can give maximum attention when his heart is finally conquered.

First place goes to:
Kurosaki from Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni nante naranai
This one is more of a bastard, but he is close to Sata Kyouya in that he gives off a prince-like aura and also extremely hard to approach.

Another those who share the same wave length as him but a good kid:
Natsume from Gakuen Alice <- a bully
Hayama from Kodomo no Omocha <- second bully

The level of roughness of my recommended character varies, but they are still rude even to the FL.

Edit : I'm not experienced with guys with that kind of personality in shoujo manga, but there seems to be a lot out there. I'll add more if I remember something.

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10:42 am, Apr 25 2021
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Ive read kurosaki kun linari and i loved it 😁.
Ill try gauken alice and kodomo no omocha
Thaanks ❤️

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