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Manga where high school student wins a game and gets a wish granted

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6:27 am, Apr 22 2021
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I remember reading part of a manga a long time ago, pre-2015, where a high school student won a game show and got a wish granted. He wished for the end of the world. The people that run the game are like higher beings, so they have the power to do that but obviously they don't want the world to end, so they have to try and convince the guy to take back his wish. I think I remember there being a group of people that were trying to get him to change his mind, but only one person (a girl I think) was able to get close to him. I also remember he had a pretty dark personal/family life.

I remember there were definitely comedy moments but it also got very serious too.

Sorry I can't be more specific than this! I read this a long time ago and never finished it.

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8:34 am, Apr 22 2021
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ib - Instant Bullet?

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10:55 am, Apr 22 2021
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Nowhere Boy

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11:08 am, Apr 22 2021
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Oh my god thank you so much! This is it!

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