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Upset over an idol loving a normal person - general BL search

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6:34 am, Oct 14 2021
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I would like to read more stories where a popular/rich/famous/handsome/idol guy loves someone normal or otherwise undesirable, and other people don't agree and speak up or actively try to separate them because they feel that the normal person isn't good enough for the idol character.

For example, in Mad Cinderella the main character is poor but is being pursued by a handsome rich childhood friend. Everyone who is in the know questions why they are together, and a rival tries to cause problems because he doesn't think the main guy is worthy of being a rival as he is not at their level of looks/money.

Aitsu no Daihonmei - ugly+handsome, everyone talks poorly about the normal guy
My Bias Appeared?! - not exact, but related enough, with idols and fans
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with an idol investigating why a normal guy has been able to seduce a fellow idol.

I've come across quite a few over the years, but wasn't super into the trope at first so I didn't think to make a list of them. Any related suggestions would be appreciated, no limits on content or rating.

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3:42 am, Oct 18 2021
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Lion and Venus
There's mainly 1 guy who doesn't like that the two are so close and tries to ruin things for the inferior guy. everyone else isnt that supportive either

I love gender bender and delinquent manga
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