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Thoroughly unappreciated heroes

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2:22 am, Nov 26 2021
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I'm looking for stories where, at least at first, the hero's seriously unappreciated, at least by the one he wants to appreciate him most. He's put his life on the line, sometimes with results, sometimes possibly beaten to the punch by others, but he's treated like he's done nothing; possibly credit is even given to someone else. Big example and the source of my request is [M]Yuusha ga Shinda[/M].
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In particular MC Touka's childhood friend and love Yuna has little beyond contempt for him at the start of the story. In the first chapter he tries to distract a demon to let her escape and when the plan fails she looks at him with absolute disgust; he then decides to throw his life away for her and picks up a hoe to fight the creature, only for the hero Shion to attack from behind and kill it; Yuna immediately runs to thank the hero and completely loses herself with happiness that he remembers her from three years ago when he saved her and her sister's lives. As the title suggests, Shion dies minutes later to a trap that Touka had set up to catch demons. Later, when Yuna gets in an argument with Touka, along with accusing him of ignoring her danger to play around town when he'd been unaware of the situation, she also attacks him for not being there three years ago when she desperately needed him, only showing up afterward. A while later the truth is revealed: he'd disappeared a while before that when his abusive father dragged him to a war zone to help him loot, resulting in both parents dying and him struggling to survive with fights and explosions everywhere; he was even at ground zero when the demon invasion began. He barely managed to survive and make his way toward home, and along the way he set up as many traps as he could to delay the demons' progress. Shion himself had told Yuna's sister that the only reason he'd managed to get there was because of how much those traps delayed the demon army. When Yuna discovers all this she's disgusted with herself for treating him like he'd forgotten her or not cared about her problems when not only would a little thought or observation have made it clear he'd barely been able to make it home alive at all, but in truth he was the one who ultimately saved her.

As this description suggests, I'm also fine with cases where the people that don't appreciate his efforts couldn't know about some or all of those efforts, whether due to their absence at the time or the hero's refusal to talk about it. Regardless, the main thing is that, whether reasonable or not, the person/people don't know or acknowledge how much he's done for their sakes.

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12:28 pm, Dec 14 2021
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I also like this kind of stories where main MC was not appreciated.
Couples come to my mind..
Mouryou no Yurikago
ib - Instant Bullet
Iris Zero
Eden No Ori the 2nd or 3rd male protagonist

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