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This has been bugging me for years... WHERE'S THE ANIME?

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2:44 am, Nov 8 2009
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Honestly, I've been irked endlessly by the fact that other series like Special A are being made into animes - but more popular series like Hana-Kimi never were! 23 VOLUMES SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

Gr, this pisses me off so much.

At least Ouran High School Host Club got made into one (Propaganda: TAMAHARU FTW ;D).

Oh eff you Japan. >_> You suck at picking good series.

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2:36 am, Nov 11 2009
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3:08 am, Nov 11 2009
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Yeah I know! I still don't get why Hana Kimi isn't made into anime yet, when many popular shoujos already has one...

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3:49 am, Nov 11 2009
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i know, i would prefer an anime too. i dont understand why they did it that way.

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3:55 am, Nov 17 2009
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Quote from thismomentisfate
I said anime not drama.

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