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Adekan BL?

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Is Adekan BL?
Yes it is!! OMG!!! It's Hot~!
No, it's not. I don't see any actions.
Uhh.....yes, no, maybe? It's a weird mixture
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From User Message Body
Post #370241
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2:20 am, Apr 11 2010
Posts: 1668

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Anyone that read Adekan knows how much BL component are alluded. Now, is it BL or is it not?

Gay book discussion thread
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Adela Nightmoon
Post #375137

12:53 pm, Apr 29 2010
Posts: 1

There's a lot of subtext and teasing and such, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's actual BL. That'd... be pushing it I think.

Post #375140
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Mad With a Hat

1:50 pm, Apr 29 2010
Posts: 4767

I have seen a lot of fan-service (or subtext or whatever you wanna call it),
but no actual BL so far.
Which is rather disappointing, to be honest.
It's not really interesting (after having read the three first chapters), but has nice art...
If by any chance the two main characters decide to pair up togehther...
Well, it'd give it so much more.

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Post #375144
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2:30 pm, Apr 29 2010
Posts: 1354

I think it's one amazing manga, with exquisite art and ridiculously titillating eye-candy...

And I think it's BL.

Well, sort of.

I mean, it's not officially BL, 'cause it isn't labeled as such, but it's obviously subtextual BL. Probably even textual, except that there isn't any explicit kissing or such - but there's an obvious build-up of mutual feelings of "friendship" (in quotes because it's laden with so much sexual tension) and it's also obvious that there is no other person that will ever interest them as much as they interest each other.

Kinda reminds me of From Eroica With Love in that regard, since that's also a COMPLETELY subtextual story, but is still BL... Neither guy has any other love interests; their conversations and interactions are sexually fraught, but don't lead to anything on-screen. (That we know of. Lol.)

Adekan also has a flamboyant, prolifically sensual (and therefore probably pansexual) protagonist and a stern companion that tries to keep him in check. No one else fascinates them or frustrates them as much as they do each other. They don't kiss or shag on-screen, but EVERY other facet of an actual relationship is present, or is showing signs of very shortly becoming present. Seriously. One of them is deluded that he's straight (like Klaus from Eroica), but the fact that he reacts to the other guy's nudity with furious blushes and an urge to cover him up indicates otherwise. (He says it's for the sake of propriety, but really, would a straight guy normally assist another guy with taking off and putting on loincloths? Just sayin'.)

The only difference is that in Eroica, Dorian was openly gay and eventually, openly in love with Klaus - but that was after the first two volumes or so, and Adekan might yet deliver in that department. Even if it doesn't, it's already obvious that Mr. Androgynous has a peculiar past with male bishies of every stripe, and unless you have pumpkins for eyes, you gotta KNOW that he's gay. Or bisexual. Or pansexual. Whatever. HE'S DONE IT WITH GUYS. It's written all over him, fer Chrissakes. Just look at him. There's no way any self-respecting seme wouldn't tap that. And there's no way Mr. Androgynous wouldn't have liked getting, um. Tapped. By someone. Why? Because his every pore oozes sexuality. He practically has eye-sex with anything he looks at (male or female, animate or inanimate), and touch-sex with any carpet he sits on or any chair he reclines on. He can have orgies just by himself. He's pure, distilled SEX. C'mon.

So. Given his pansexuality and the rampant touching with AND burgeoning affection for Mr. Stern, Mr. Androgynous will obviously fall for him, and in my opinion is already in the process of doing so. Stern is Androgyne's salvation, in so many ways. It's obvious.

This is excellently-written and very well-plotted subtextual BL. It'll go right under the radar of someone with straight-colored glasses - but with anyone else, we'll be reading with raised eyebrows and going, "Uh huh."

I think this is the kind of manga that people will debate about, because it's not officially BL, but it's so damned obviously ghey. To some of us, anyway.

Like... Tactics and Vassalord, which walk the same fine line - that delightfully suspenseful tightrope between open gayness and relentless subtext.

Gawd, I love it. More, please!

Post #376240 - Reply to (#375140) by NightSwan
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7:04 am, May 4 2010
Posts: 49

Quote from NightSwan
I have seen a lot of fan-service (or subtext or whatever you wanna call it),
but no actual BL so far.
Which is rather disappointing, to be honest.
It's not really interesting (after having read the three first chapters), but has nice art...
If by any chance the two main characters decide to pair up togehther...
Well, it'd give it so much more.

For me, Adekan is amazing in all aspects- its art, story and characters. I actually really enjoyed the mystery-like stories and the cracky humour, and any possible romance between the main characters would be secondary because their interaction is already pretty awesome smile As tarfuto said, the subtext between the characters is delicious :3 I suppose if you're looking for blatant BL, though, this might not be the place to find it.

looking for this yaoi title; any help is appreciated!
Post #385318

2:22 am, Jun 14 2010
Posts: 1

I LOVE Adekan!! At first it was just the art that attracted me, but now i have it as number 2 in favorite list! Whoever is translating it (or whatever they call it) PLEASE PLEASE do it a quickly a possible!!! bigrazz

Post #385323
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3:23 am, Jun 14 2010
Posts: 182

Well, if it is I'm sure not seeing enough loving bigrazz LOL

But seriously though, I think it's not. To start with, the focus of the story is not the relationship between the officer and the umbrella dude (whose name escaped me completely) but rather something bigger that's moving behind the scene. An assassin society, perhaps, or something political or maybe even supernatural. The BL-ness is just a spice, I think.

But we do see a lot of subtext and if Adekan is ever made into an anime, we're sure to see a huge surge of fanfics and doujinshi between him and his brother, him and the officer and whatnot.

Nakama (the one who released the scanlation) even released it as Nakama Uncocked because it's non-BL biggrin

Post #407012

2:13 pm, Sep 15 2010
Posts: 3

I think everyone can have their own interpretation smile For me, it's a BL which is concentrating on the emotional aspect. Hopefully, it will progress into something more wink

User Posted Image User Posted Image
Post #476586
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1:34 am, Jun 16 2011
Posts: 846

Hmm, it's probably just a shoujo manga with lots of fan-service. Seriously, what kinda people dress up like the 2 brothers? embarrassed They might as well not wear anything. ^^;;

The art is really good but the plot? Hmmm, it could be interesting but it's moving at a snail's pace. I know there're layers to the writing but it's going to take forever, to get into the main plot at this rate.

Btw, anyone notice how the characters have almost no nipples? That's kinda weird to me.

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