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Who is the Hottest Girl in the Manga?

Who is the Hottest Girl in the Manga?
Suzu (main heroin)
Ayane (taller, younger Miko)
Machi (shorter, older Miko)
Rin (carpenter)
Mikoto (perverted ninja turned carpenter)
Shinobu (clumsy ninja turned samurai)
Kunai ("interspecies erotica" ninja turned teacher)
Chikage (glasses girl)
Yukino (loli with animals)
Mei Mei (acrobatic girl)
Michiru (ice/snow power girl)
Sakuya (robot girl)
Misaki (Ikuto's younger sister)
Panako (the elephant)
Other (specify in the thread)
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African Albino Cat

4:11 pm, Oct 22 2010
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Well, it's already passed 100th chapter so I think there will probably no more new girl being introduce. So I'm making this thread. As the thread goes, I'm asking about your opinion who is the hottest girl in the manga, not necessarily the girl you want to end up with Ikuto. Since Ikuto is not your usual useless protagonist (in fact, he's kinda cool), I'm okay if this manga ended with actual harem. biggrin biggrin biggrin

My vote goes to Shinobu! She's a real beauty! bigrazz

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4:16 pm, Oct 22 2010
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Chibi Machi ftw!

its cold down here fam ~
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4:47 pm, Oct 22 2010
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Shinobu ftw, second place Rin then Suzu biggrin

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4:37 pm, Oct 24 2010
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Its funny how most people tend to think alike. Before voting, I was having trouble in deciding who to pick in between Shinobu and Rin. I ended up voting for Rin, but after seeing the voting results, it really amused me to see how most of the voters had almost the same idea, which is, Shinobu amd Rin are defintely, the two hottest girls in the manga. For some reason, I dont find Suzu hot at all, its like, she is still a toddler in an adults body.

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5:02 pm, Oct 24 2010
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i can only agree with you, had the same thoughts biggrin

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5:13 pm, Oct 24 2010
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there are so many girls that the author even mixed up some traits some girls have similar chara......he needs to tone down and focus more on improving the interactions......maybe take a leaf out of umi no misaki which has similar scenario but the interactions are waaaaaaaaaay more solid .........

i chose rin by the way .........she just seems to stand out......i've seen a lot of shinobi/samurai/sumo/youkai chicks in manga but a carpenter was the first for me

best shonen manga couples :

shinichi X ran
natsu X erza
ippo X kumi
naruto X gaara
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3:16 am, Sep 9 2013
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Shouldn't come as a surprise, especially since she's winning the poll, but went with Shinobu too. Second place goes for me to Suzu. Ayane and Machi are the ones that excel in cuteness though.

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10:07 pm, Apr 7 2014
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Machi is adorable.

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10:24 pm, Apr 7 2014
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If we're talking main girl then Rin hands down. If we're including the moms then Chizuru and Risa are the best.

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