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Manga with a chubby/fat character ?! Does is even exit ?!!

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2:32 pm, Jan 18 2018
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...does hentai count?

Although nobody tags it as such, there ~tons~ of it hiding behing "big breast", "older female", "milf", etc. tags

Its kinda ironic how the chubby chaser audience absolutely INSISTS on hiding behind any number of euphemisms. Denial?

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4:19 pm, Jan 18 2018
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Gin no Sagi, Silver Spoon do have a relatively relevant character that is egg shaped female. Sometimes she overworks and looks like a big shot as comic relief, but returns to her normal in the following chapter or even in next pages.
The series also has one or two regular good ol' tank of fat and a chubby buddhist statue professor.

Does the bulky short japanese stereotype cont as chubby? The Tokugawa Ieyasu, Kankichi Ryotsu type.
Obviously, Senbei Norimaki, Dr.Slump.

In Moyashimon there are.
Akame Ga Kill's main antagonist.
In Dorohedoro I can remember two.

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