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Trapped in Virtual Reality Game

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Post #526780 - Reply to (#526779) by sakura8429
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6:08 pm, Mar 1 2012
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Quote from sakura8429
accel world?

The characters in Accel World aren't "trapped." They can freely enter and exit the virtual world.

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Post #526781
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6:09 pm, Mar 1 2012
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its cold down here fam ~
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4:22 am, Mar 2 2012
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Its non!!! Im officially convinced that I hallucinated the whole thing up, but more suggestions doesn't hurt bigrazz

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5:13 am, Mar 2 2012
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Gantz maybe?

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4:53 am, Mar 4 2012
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No : (
Any more suggestions?

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5:10 am, Mar 4 2012
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How about....

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6:03 am, Mar 4 2012
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Has Yureka been mentioned? Or maybe Infinity Game.

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6:28 am, Mar 4 2012
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Die Quarry Proie... they some what become trapped.

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Post #527237
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7:39 am, Mar 4 2012
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Still no sad this is sad...

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Big Bucks

7:29 am, May 7 2012
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Is it Reality Check?

-But yeah, most likely you hallucinated about it. I mean, seriously...
Entering a game and then getting superpowers from that? like what the heck?

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8:11 am, May 7 2012
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Maybe it's RealPG. They aren't trapped in a VR, but the game is recreated in the real world.

Post #549702 - Reply to (#526692) by ChocoKun
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8:42 am, May 7 2012
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Quote from ChocoKun
I remember reading this summary where this guy enters a vr game with his friends? They became trapped in it or something and maybe gained some sort of special abilities? Thats all i remember for now and its not Amatsuki.

Thanks >.<

I know in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle there is a part where they are in sorta Virtual Reality but I am pretty sure this is not what you are looking for since it was only a part.

1/2 Prince is one but they weren't trapped.
Maybe you're looking for Not Lives??
Yureka is one but I don't think he gets trapped if I remember.
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Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
I'll update if I remember anything.

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Post #550356
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9:34 pm, May 10 2012
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Other than Sword Art Online, the only other manga close to your description (after flipping through the manga with the virtual reality tag and reading some summaries) is Psychedelia. The only problem being that he was not trapped with his friends, and I do not believe he had any special ability. I'll continue with other tags, then...
Also, seeing as you read a summary, are you sure it was a manga? And are you sure you can be positive which is is it just by reading it?

Wow, I just noticed the date of this thread...

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Post #550358
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9:46 pm, May 10 2012
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Though it may be off, I remember a manga about a guy and a girl testing for a new game. They enter a castle in reality, and they get some bracelet which allows them to use power using stress as the energy. Could that be it?

Post #550362
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10:03 pm, May 10 2012
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sword art online

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