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New Poll - Anime/Manga for Lent

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a possessive lover

2:09 pm, Mar 20 2011
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I dont do Lent and I wont give up anime/manga for anything.

Post #537410 - Reply to (#537409) by pyonk

4:16 pm, Mar 20 2011
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hmm is it considered lent if you give up anime / manga for some other addiction? like video games? or possibly drinking ? people could also technically get addicted to helping other people...o.O the question ish embarrassed is it considered lent if you give up something to become addicted to something else, or to give up addiction totally embarrassed

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10:18 pm, Mar 20 2011
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Giving up something personal, like the time you spend on manga, whether it be for Lent or another religeous purpose only has true meaning when you use that time instead for other purposes that benefits others.
Otherwise, it is nothing more than a New Years resolution with an expiry date.

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10:18 pm, Mar 20 2011
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Doesn't Lent mean abstinence to purify your sins? That’s got little to do with using time/money in other ways....

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6:17 am, Mar 21 2011
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I don't own any manga, so I couldn't really do that.

Post #537414 - Reply to (#537411) by Mierten
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Site Admin

8:33 am, Mar 21 2011
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New Years resolutions have an expiration date as well... it's just a little longer than lent.

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7:01 pm, Mar 22 2011
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I know Christians have something like this from 40 days 40 nights, but I just knew that it is called Lent. Hmmmm no anime/manga for a month and 10 days? No can do.

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9:45 pm, Mar 22 2011
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Why is there a "What's Lent" option when it's explained in the initial post? If it said "Never heard of it before" instead then I could understand (I assume that's what a majority of the voters in that category thought it meant) but doing it this way still seems...weird. :/

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10:31 pm, Mar 22 2011
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I don't believe in denying myself pleasure of any kind.

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1:59 am, Mar 23 2011
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I don't celebrate Lent.
But i can give up manga/anime for 40 days.
I mean, I pretty much already am because I don't read that much, just around 1 chapter per day. So yeah.
Video games are the same thing as manga for me.
I can have it, or cannot in a period of time, either way is fine.
But to completely get rid of it, never.
Why should I haha.

Post #537419 - Reply to (#537396) by Vallan.Mandrake
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12:45 am, Mar 25 2011
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old high German Lenzin its the 40 day from Ash weds to easter. mosty observed by catholics, episcoples and lutherns. Represents the time jesus spent in the wilderness

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