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New Poll - Author Pet Peeve

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From User Message Body
Post #556476
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7:52 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 9105

This week's poll comes from our member nowyat. From the given (limited) list of possible annoyances with authors of manga series, which do you hate the most? And if you have other pet peeves, list them in the comments below! And before you start complaining, there's a reason I seldom have "Other" as an option. Just vote for the best fit with the given options.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related):

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you tend to prefer mainstream or non-mainstream series?
Mainstream - votes: 764 (5.6%)
Non-mainstream - votes: 2298 (16.8%)
I like them both equally - votes: 6042 (44.2%)
Don't care - votes: 4565 (33.4%)
There were 13669 total votes.
The poll ended: June 16th 2012

Equal wins. Fair enough. And yes, I purposely didn't define what mainstream means. Then there's the people that don't care or pay attention to what's mainstream versus what isn't. And then there's the hipsters.

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #556478

8:02 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 85

Now this is kind of hard to choose, but an "All of the above" option would be too easy. I suppose in the end, despite any other annoyances, I want the author to properly end a series. I can understand if it can't be helped, like the author DIES, or is unable to draw, but I will be pissed if a series I'm following, or love, just up and ends mid way.

Besides that, I hate when authors use the same characters: ADACHI Mitsuru. I swear, he uses the same characters over and over.

Post #556479
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Is a female

8:05 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 3425

The thing that actually annoys me the most is when the author creates all this chemistry between two character, but nothing happens between them.

Seeing as something like that isn't on the list, I'm gonna go for discontinuing a series or throwing it on hiatus. I know that sometimes it's not the authors fault, but an unfinished story is truly infuriating.

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Post #556480

8:09 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 65

I think the discontinuation/hiatus option is kind of unneccesary, everyone hates when a series they like stops O.o This is actually an interesting poll, but there is already such a bias to the discontinuation/hiatus option that there probably won't be very clear results between the other options...

But that's just my opinion, and I'm being a hypocrite anyway, since I voted discontinuation/hiatus too X(

Post #556483

8:54 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 24

actually the one that annoy me the most is, enemy now, later on he/she become your friend,... i mean looookk him/her,... he/she killl most of your friend in the past, and you okay that he/she suddenly come and offer helpconfused??

Post #556486
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Nice desu ne

9:16 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 1129

How can one annoy me more than the other when they all equally give the drive to drop what I'm reading right from the get-go?

1) Similar characters you can't tell apart
2) Discontinuing it suddenly
3) Copy art and/or story from another author (isn't that plagiarism?)
4) Formulaic piece of poo
5) Nonsensical plot
6) Plot holes everywhere (which may contribute to ^)
7) Art style is crap

Any of that...
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Post #556487
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Noblesse Forever!

9:17 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 1066

I seriousley hate authors who make plot too generic which includes the generic protagonist who have heart of gold and always talk non-sense about friendship and believes that even killing an enemy is not a right thing.
The one who always sprouts about ideal world....

For eg. Naruto manga. His speech and personality really pisses me off.

Last edited by strixflash at 11:42 am, Jun 16

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Post #556492
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An innocent

10:08 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 286

Since when is a discontinue the responsibility of the author? The publishers kill a series, if it lacks popularity. Their is a good reason for a hiatus, sickness, lost inspiration, and everyone needs a vacation. Anyway you can't blame them to be later with it as quality needs time. embarrassed

When their is hope, their is live.
Post #556493
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10:20 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 191

I'd have to go with author fetishes. For example, IM Dal-Young family complex fetish. Almost all of the series that i have read by this author has main characters with sister/brother complex or mother/father complex.

Basically when a mangaka keeps using same plot devices in different series. Another example would be author of Suzuka. Kimi no iru Machi is basically Suzuka 2.0.

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Post #556497
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11:21 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 23

Personnally I hate it when all the characters look the same, because even if the plot is interesting it becomes nearly impossible to read and understand everything just by the art. And then there are authors whose art is so distinct that every single characters from every story look the same. eg.: Hwang Mi Ri. But even then her stories are almost the same thing over and over.

Of course noone likes to have a series discontinued, but then most of the time its not the authors fault, most of the time the publishers end the series because the profit is not enough. And somethimes the authors lost he drive and doesn't know how to continue the storie or as an idea for another story. It's all relative probably the author preferes to end a story just like that instead of watching it decay.

But then Its just my opinion.

Post #556499
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A talking rock

11:39 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 383

Have a plot that makes no sense.

Killing of main chara, same face on different character in other series, disliking art style is ok as long as it has good story and delivered in good way. A plot that makes no senses however, could kill the the story, and at the end, the reader will start to hate not only the plot, but also the art style, because it was a reminder of the horrible story that makes no senses whatsoever.

+ I agree with the -same plot devices in different series- thing. Ex :Watase Yuu. Its basically the same story over and over again. But still, its not as annoying as nonsensical plot.

Post #556500
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11:42 am, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 471

Kill off the main character - most of the story i read have good reason to kill the character, so i dont feel this is bad. why would people raging on the author just because he dont give the good ending they want but what the story need?

Have such similar characters (looks or personality) that you confuse them - i really really hate them because it make the whole thing confusing. and it is much more aggravating that this phenomenon don't usually occur in shounen series with 50+characters, but with shoujo stories with only three characters where i only need to keep track of them, and they just need to draw both guys with the same look with slightly different hair because the artist thought that is the most beautiful facial feature ever!!!!!

Draw the same faces on different characters in other series - it dont bother me because it's not i read them simultaneously.

Discontinue the series (or hiatus) - it only bring ire when the mangaka have hiatus almost every other chapter (cough,hxh, cough), but it should be understandable most of the way it is not their fault. none want their story never get finished right?

Divert the plot away from the main characters - sometimes its bad, but a good artist can make it work. it depend on the story.

Have characters step out of character - its pretty hateable when the character get thrown the idiot ball or somehow have 'hidden talent' just for plot progression. but even more disgusting is when depraved, sadistic, murderous rapist become a 'lovable rouge' after get beaten and friending the mc. defeat mean friendship my ass.

Copy art or story from another author - i never notice, so it doesn't bother me.

Being too formulaic - cliche done well is still very fun. i hate it when they try to be more edgy and original but the story and characters go all over the place. the pretentiousness is even more laughable.

Have a plot that makes no sense - very very hateful when the author just pull the plot out of his ass. we know when you just winging it, man. it's okay if it is a deliberate trippy manga, but most is just bad writing.

Have lots of plot holes - i think this is the same with the above. i know its hard to plan in advance, but it is not too hard others can do it, right?

Dislike his/her art style - if you dont like the art style, stop reading within the first couple of pages! how hard is that?

the second choice get my vote, but there is some that i feel strongly about, like stated above.

Post #556504

12:46 pm, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 4

This was very hard because several were my top pet peeves but I had to go with discontinued/or on hiatus. At least if you start a series, especially like me who collects them, I would like to finish it.

The next for me would be have a plot that makes no sense. You're confused and spending too much time trying to make sense instead of enjoying the story. confused

Plot holes are next for the same reason as the one above.

These two are basically the same so I pair them together. Have such similar characters (looks or personality) that you confuse them and draw the same faces on different characters in other series. I often try to refer back to a series by the same author and get mistaken because characters look alike. It's worst when they are in the same series. Ugh! dead

Post #556509
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1:05 pm, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 506

I voted for having characters that look the same. I've actually had to stop reading a manga before because I couldn't tell the characters apart, so I couldn't follow the story.

The reason I didn't vote for discontinue or hiatus, even though this annoys me more, is because in the stories I've come across that have been discontinued or put on hiatus it was out of the authors hands. Like if an author gets sick and can't finish the series, or if the series isn't popular enough and the publisher decides to get rid of it. I haven't read a story where the author just decided for no good reason that they just didn't feel like finishing.

"Dangerous...Abstinence is Dangerous"
Post #556516
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1:37 pm, Jun 16 2012
Posts: 17

Wasn't a pet peeve an annoying trait only you feel totally pissed of by
while others don't care?

Those who actually like plot holes or the discontinue of their beloved series shall step out of the shadows NOW. Might become a really interesting conversation. There might be readers who see sense in plots I see as senseless. That is a problem of definition. But Discontinue.... I really want to see someone who isn't bothered by that. Even worse than that is the axed end I think. But didn't find that choice. I also miss the "Kill off your favorite character" choice. I really hate it then my favorite dies. And I think thats more like a pet peeve then killing of the main.

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