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New Poll - Unwanted Pairing

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From User Message Body
Post #571015
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9:23 pm, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 140

I like most Jump romance series however Ichigo 100% really pissed me off. I wish i knew he who he would end up with at the beginning and i would have dropped the series right there. At least the anime has him paired up with the main chick. On the other hand a series like bleach or naruto I could care less who he ends up with (although I've dropped both for lack of progression, and the story just sucks now IMO).

Another series that had a bad romantic ending was TLR and judging from the first chapter of TLR-D it looks like its going to be a harem ending as well.

Post #571027
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10:43 pm, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 7776

The pairings are always wrong, so whatever. In a harem situation the guy always chooses to go for the worst chick. Typically the tsundere kind that is being bratty and annoying the whole series, having no other qualities but the moe stereotype. As for reverse harems, the guys are such caricatures that the romance turns into a satire. They never end up with a decent human being, but with some over the top, mentally lagged character. Stuff only works out if it's a story about two people growing to need each other, not turmoils of a flat-headed polygamist.

Post #571028

11:31 pm, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 29

I have no clue whatsoever. While there is the occasional case of a pairing not going as I might have preferred it, so far there hasn't been any such case where I knew of it beforehand. I guess it would depend on the case in question.
Well, when I suspect the ending to be different from what I'm expecting, I continue reading in the hopes of it turning out for the better further down. Any sex with the wrong partner results in demerits though (Ii's for example), and ending with the wrong person does as well, unless written quite skillfully.
Usually though the author makes it quite clear who will end up with whom pretty early on and develops the final partner more than their rival (apart from introducing them earlier than most, if not all, others), which normally results in me rooting for whoever ends up with the protagonist anyways.
And yeah, like someone else said, I wish I never even looked at Ichigo 100% - worst ever so far.

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Post #571033

12:35 am, Sep 23 2012
Posts: 1

I wouldn't drop the series for that basis alone. Although I can agree with the sentiment that if the pair didn't work out in the end, at least understand the reason why and look at it from a logical standpoint, not just a biased one. I, for one, loved Ichigo 100%.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
On another note, I'm one of the many(yes I said many) that rooted for the JunpeiXTsukasa pairing. It didn't matter to me who Junpei really ended up with, but he had the best connection with Aya throughout the story, imo. However, it was Tsukasa that truly made him fall for her and she reciprocated those feelings when they became a couple again. Aya didn't have enough confidence to share those feelings all the way until the end, and let's face it, a generic character like Junpei, who's a huge idiot with a lot of heart, didn't understand his situation to begin with.

It's a damn treat when your favorite pair gets chosen in the end but a huge blow for those that went with the other.

Post #571034 - Reply to (#571027) by Mamsmilk
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Local Prig

12:52 am, Sep 23 2012
Posts: 1899

Quote from Mamsmilk
The pairings are always wrong, so whatever. In a harem situation the guy always chooses to go for the worst chick. Typically the tsundere kind that is being bratty and annoying the whole series, having no other qualities but the moe stereotype. As for reverse harems, the guys are such caricatures th ...

"Turmoils of a Flat-Headed Polygamist" would be a great name for an album. I recommend it next time you take it upon yourself to write an indie rock anthem.

On topic: Don't drop, but I also haven't read much bad romance with the possibility of such an ending in years.

Realism over wish-fulfillment is a good philosophy.

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Post #571050 - Reply to (#571033) by Darkness44

5:02 am, Sep 23 2012
Posts: 317

at least understand the reason why and look at it from a logical standpoint, not just a biased one


Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I also belong to the "many" you're referring to. Ichigo 100% remains my most reread and beloved shonen romance series and I wouldn't have it end any other way. I started cheering for Tsukasa during her second birthday "celebration" (iirc) when she and Junpei snuck into their old middle school, and I haven't looked back since.

On the topic, I would continue reading. IMO, dropping a series because the couple you were rooting for didn't end up together is kinda... childish. I read romance not simply for the final pairings but to discover how those final pairings came to be.

Romantic pairings aside, I also love spoiling myself. I'm the type of guy who reads the last page first, lol, and I believe I have never dropped anything because I didn't like the things I learned.

Post #571092
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11:51 am, Sep 23 2012
Posts: 27

I would probably drop it in most cases. I normally read manga that has only one pairing so I don't really have to choose my favourite pairing. If the story of the manga is good enough to keep reading it, i'll ignore the pairing. If the pairing is understandable then i'll still keep reading it as well. (Promises with childhood friend usually do the trick for me)

This is one of the reasons why I don't read harem manga. It makes people choose a favourite character and then if its not that character the whole manga would just get ruined for them.

Post #571161
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2:02 am, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 312

It really depends on the manga. But since romance+good story are rare to find, I usually drop.

If I were to do so, it's because a) The only interesting fact was the final pairing; b) I really liked the unlucky character; c) That character was the backbone (but for some reason lost).

I can recall 2 stories this year deserving that.

Post #571164

2:22 am, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 24

I think it really depends on the genre. For instance, if there was a romantic pairing in a manga like Hikaru no Go (haven't finished the series yet, so I don't know if there is) I wouldn't really care because romance is not the main focus. In a series where it is, it just isn't worth it to continue reading, especially with a lot of the manga being rife with stereotypical characters (the polite one and the fiery one). Unless the romance has something behind it to keep me reading it, it is probably going to be dropped. (Ex:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The anime True Tears, such a disappointing pair outcome, but an interesting anime.)

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Post #571240

3:04 pm, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 262

I will be perfectly honest... Even when the mangaka strongly hints at it and makes it so you absolutely love a pairing, I pretty much usually don't care and don't think about it in romance manga... Rarely ever at the very least.. So I just continue reading it.

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Post #571244
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First-Class Logic

4:30 pm, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 90

Like a lot of other people said, I don't really get too worked up about the romance in the series if I'm not specifically reading a romance. (That, and usually, I just look for the Ho Yay between the guy characters! ^_^;; ) So I'd keep reading because I rarely have a favorite pairing anyway. However, if the relationship between any two important characters were to become a Romantic Plot Tumor and start overtaking the story, I'd be more inclined to drop the series. (A la Vampire Knight, though the plot was starting to derail as well by the time I decided to drop it.)

Other than that, it's usually very easy to tell who's going to end up with who pretty early on in a manga! bigrazz

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Post #571251 - Reply to (#570995) by Badkarma

5:21 pm, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 18

But then, why would you post these kinds of biased polls? Unless you don't want a clear answer, I don't see the point in this poll.
(by you i don't mean you the person i'm replying to.)

The person who asked the poll obviously seems to care. I voted i'll continue reading, but I have to add that it will seriously kill my enjoyment of the seris. It's like the parfait thingie series. Like, the guy says i'll go back and tell her my feelings, and when he gets there she already went with the other guy right after they separated. I have to say I dropped that series since updates were infrequent too.

If they switch the romantic interest, they better have a reason that makes sense and not some bullshit decision. I have to say I'm lucky, most pairings end like i want them too.

Post #571283
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9:36 pm, Sep 24 2012
Posts: 89

I loved Ichigo 100%, and i was expecting Manaka to end up with Toujo Aya, but i was rooting for Tsukasa.... The ending that the author chose is honestly the best ending i can see... It's really one of the few mangas that i actually think ended perfectly.

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Post #571299
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12:56 am, Sep 25 2012
Posts: 61

Quote from "lambchopsil"
As a side comment, it's amazing how people don't accidentally tear their Bibles apart since many Bibles use the thinnest paper you'd ever see in a book.

"how" and "where" matter a lot with this topic ::
(1) people treat their Bibles more carefully than they do their manga. (2) plus -- and this is a reach but still a safe bet -- folks who read manga probably read their manga more than they read their Bible, i.e. more mileage, more damage. (3) people read their Bible in a more secure way / location than they read their manga. personally, i mostly read my manga either lying down and/or holding it more precariously than i would any other books... like in bed holding it upside down, in car with one hand with a cup of coffee or something, or sitting on the throne in the can (<--- this).

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Post #571302 - Reply to (#571251) by Stoner
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An F to judge M!

1:39 am, Sep 25 2012
Posts: 383

Quote from Stoner
But then, why would you post these kinds of biased polls? Unless you don't want a clear answer, I don't see the point in this poll.
(by you i don't mean you the person i'm replying to.)

Biased poll? It's not, really. Sure, it targets certain people, but it's still polling for an unbiased answer within that target group. A biased poll is asking the KKK who'll win the next US presidential election, and then using that as credible information.

It's also literally impossible for a poll to contain every little stipulation, particularly polls that are made for fun, not their written-in-stone consensus. That's why we discuss it?

Meanwhile, I'm writing angry letters to Tiger Beat because their latest poll "Would you hold your crush’s hand at school? (Y/N)" excludes graduates, psychopaths, and asexuals. Unbelievable.

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