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Manga becomming Childish?

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Do you think more manga has been become more childish upon the last 5 - 7 years?
Yes i do think that the manga has become more childish
No it's becomming more mature.
We are just growing old to enjoy
Has manga ever been mature?
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From User Message Body
Post #584337
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World Eater

4:00 am, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 213

Hello.. As in recently i've felt that manga in particular has become very childish upon the recent years. Is it me? have i grown to old for manga & anime to enjoy the stories? do you feel the same?

I'm a 90's kid so i've seen my share of manga for all these years reading.
In my early year's of being new to manga i started to read alot of shounen and harem manga, i started to gradually come on to senien manga more bloody and mature story telling(old school) stuff. as Akira Berserk and as the years came basilisk, Übel Blatt, Rurouni Kenshin m.m

Edite: I do know i've only listed dark/gore mature manga here, my point was not to only show you that, there are other good mangas as I Am a Hero, Ciguatera. 01 (OKU Hiroya).

But as the year's go there's less of these manga, all i see on the recent scanlated manga is this garbage Haikyu!! Golden Time Buyuden, Kurogane Hell there's more of these KID face's then i can count.. Why are people so freaking much into KIDS? Are the japanese society turning into some Pedo onii-chan ?. is it even worth mention the anime 2013 - 2010 are release/ing

Idunno if the scanlator's only choose to scan pedo school life harem sport mangas? or the japanese people as i told before are going in a wrong diraction. I'm not saying mature manga isn't being made! but it's lesser to se nowdays.

Edite: sorry for the opinion bar, i've noticed that i may have needed to list some more choices.

What do you think?
Thanks for reading

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Post #584339

4:58 am, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 4

It all comes down to what genre you're reading. If you are looking at shonen manga, of course there are going to be a lot of childish things in it because the major demographic = younger males.

If you want dark mature stuff, stick to seinen manga.

Some good seinen manga that you didn't list are:

Vinland Saga
20 Seiki Shounen

Last edited by genisx09 at 5:03 am, Jan 18

Post #584340
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5:02 am, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 489

I don't think manga is becoming too childish. I think it's because mangaka (new and old) need to come up with stories that are seen as profitable by the publishers. While there are a lot of gems being published that can gather a fanbase with more mature people, a lot of other authors also need to pay bills.

Another issue is the constant battle with deadlines. Coming up with a mature story and cranking out a chapter every week or so is challenging. You have to do research, you have to maintain a certain level in your art, you have to come up with ideas that won't conflict with past and future information, etc.

Finally, the scanlators... Most people I have talked to say that scanlating is a college thing. When you have kids and or a full-time job, scanlating is another cause of stress. Some scanlators have moved on with their lives while new scanlators (who may be a bit younger) take over. Those who have moved on may have been the ones who liked the more mature series. (Kotonoha, I know you're supposed to eventually fade out, but I don't want you to.)

In conclusion, you might just have to find your next fix. bigrazz I'm like to peruse through the psychological genre every now and then for my next "mature manga" fix. Right now, I'm really into Gin no Saji since I needed some slice-of-life with my dramas.

Post #584342

5:03 am, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 5

I can't say anything about the manga for Golden Time since I haven't read it but I have read the light novels and from what I've seen it was pretty mature and pretty heavy as well though you will have to read it bit before it gets there. As for the others you've listed they're typical shounen sports stories, same as always. It seems more to me like after reading so much manga you are quicker to write off new manga as more of the same instead of giving them a fair chance. As far as shounen sports manga go, Buyuden and Kurogane are actually pretty good.

Post #584343
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5:06 am, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 119

Your right to a degree. I was born in the eighties and did not start watching anime with DBZ before it was even on ytv(Canadian station). I usually watch anime with an open mind. Yet I find myself losing interest in some shows such as Bakuman S3, it's just so repetitive now and I don't care for anyone's struggles its always someone with talent shows up to challenge them so I dropped it along with Robotic;Notes. Though Japanese people are all about moe characters, please correct me if I'm wrong but that's what most anime and mangas have as characters ie. cute girls, doing whatever and for most adding some fanservice such as panty shots or nowadays bare uncensored breasts. This is where anime/manga stems the line of childish and not childish. As some material includes nudity or borderline H such as To-love ru darkness it's the most risqué manga that I have ever read. The original was not as graphic as darkness.

Some mangas do not have nudity, but anime adds it for fanservice and maybe to attract more people. Freezing is a perfect example, every move rips the girls clothing ending up in them showing their breasts though in the manga that does not happen. There is very little nudity and mostly way after what the anime showed.

Well, to sum it all up it comes down to preference. As you either except what mangas are available/releasing or just hold out for something more mature. Their our both kinds, but a lot deal with kids probably that are 15-16+ in ridiculous and sometimes overly sexual scenes. As for myself well we all get older, I still love both just that I am a little more selective of what I watch.

P.S - Seikon no Qwaser is so mature I am surprised they made it an anime and if you haven't seen it or heard if it, it's about a ten year old boy(who acts like he's 15+ which seems to be pretty typical of all anime characters acting older than they are) who sucks on girls breasts to get power. I am at a loss for words of the show cause its story started decent and then just turned into a big tit-sucking show.

Post #584345 - Reply to (#584339) by genisx09
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World Eater

5:28 am, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 213

@ genisx09
Yes ofcourse it come's down to what we are reading, but the overall Shounen/senien manga's that are being made are either fanservice manga with a really bad story or harem.
There are some good manga's still being made. but we barley get to se them.

To the manga's that you listed i've seen them, i just made my list short only to make a point.


Is it really that hard comming up with another angle point of making a "let's say" a magic shounen manga into a senien mature with more depth of field?
If we are gonna pay the amount of money you regulare buy a manga for, should it be a copy of the book nexto it? no, we want new stories (for all ages) and as the age of manga reader's are getting older the mangak's should start noticing it..

I do agree with you on the scanlator part..
Tbh i haven't found a new fix for my anime/manga but i'm searching^^

@Xiax About gold time, my point was only the childish looking style..

netj999 Yes i agree with you. some manga's have Shounen labled and have these unnecessary shot's to pick upp more readers, i know that companies earn their living for these stuff.. but it ruin's alot of manga's

Art and story needs to go hand in hand to make it Mature in my opinion, and were seeing less of it by the years. I know as someone said above there are some gem's in the dirt but is it really dirt your digging in? more like a pile of horse shit that's spewing out of the companies to make fast money,

Check out my work biggrin
Post #584355

6:58 am, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 1041 are getting old

2.try going to seinen magazines homepages and take a look at what is being published in them atm
not much is being scanlated

3.artstyles usualy go through phases...atm u might not like how the general shounen look will change so dont worry

4.same with all goes in cycles...yuri,bl,incest,loli,martialarts,oddjob ASO when one comic gets popular everyone jumps on and make their own perversion of the day type manga

and i cant say i agree that the general feel of japanese comics have become childish
u urself list kenshin as something "mature" when it in fact is just as silly as Buyuden or Kurogane
its just that u dont like them

if u want a really childish decade for japanese comics u should try out the 80-s and even the late 70s

Post #584361
user avatar

7:59 am, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 159

i think you linked the wrong kurogane or it doesnt make any sense to me
overall its sad becoming old, but as long you still find stuff you can enjoy its fine and in a way i find this topic selfish if i could say, since just like we are getting old, there are kids growing up and etc if you get what im trying to say smile

User Posted Image
Post #584394
user avatar
World Eater

5:05 pm, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 213

@TaoPaiPai & @soraking I agree with you both to an extend.

I do think that i'm just growin old and don't feel that the same stories and plots are enjoyable anymore.
But as i said, you don't go to a comic store to buy a copy of another manga with almost identical stories and style now do we?

Check out my work biggrin
Post #584402
user avatar

5:51 pm, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 367

This happens in every industry, not just manga. Sometimes during a few years, everything just sucks when you exclude the few gems. Sometimes, there is a long run of a few years with some of the greatest hits back-to-back. It'll go through it's cycles, just wait. That's all I can really say.

DailyMotion - Weasyl - WrongThink
Post #584403
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An Average Otaku

6:31 pm, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 56

What's up with the options in your poll?

Yes i do think that the manga has become more childish
No it's becomming more mature.
We are just growing old to enjoy
Has manga ever been mature?

By choosing 3/4, it indicates that we support your view. There is only 1 option that says we don't think so, but it shows that we think the opposite.

You're missing the option: "It hasn't changed".

Post #584405 - Reply to (#584403) by fovika
user avatar
hoo ha

7:25 pm, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 247

Quote from fovika
By choosing 3/4, it indicates that we support your view. There is only 1 option that says we don't thin ...

This. Pretty much.

I chose the last option since I didn't agree with the other three. However, if there was an option of "didn't change", that would be what I would've picked.

Everyone reads different types of manga and genres. How/what you read is all up to you.

When I was younger, all I read was mainly shoujo and some shounen. (In the 90s, you were limited in English translated manga...) As I got older, I branched out to other genres, which then goes into josei and seinen (that are geared more for older readers). And again, it all depends on what kind of manga you read, what your tastes are like, and preferred stories.

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Post #584406
user avatar

7:28 pm, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 191

I find it strange that you say you have been reading manga since the 90's and yet you don't know the difference between Shounen and Seinen. All of the series that you like are dark, mature seinen series (except kenshin) and you are comparing them to weekly shounen jump manga series !? You are comparing series that will have rape, gore, deaths and dark environments to series with friendship power , no gore, no rape and rarely will anyone die. You basically answered your own question. These Shounen series aren't meant for you.

I don't know how you search for new series to read, but you're doing it wrong. I do agree though that dark Seinen series other than popular ones aren't scanlated as fast or as often as shounen/shoujo manga. Some of the seinen series I am reading don't have one scanlated chapter.

User Posted Image
Post #584407
user avatar
An F to judge M!

7:30 pm, Jan 18 2013
Posts: 382

Everthing's childish if you think it is. I think the regular patrons at the local bar are pretty childish, yet they're not children.

I also think anime dubbed into English is pretty childish, but this has nothing to do with the collective weebo hate for "poor voice acting" rather the reality of hearing super corny lines in a language I comprehend. Strangely, the same lines are tolerable when I read them, so maybe my reading comprehension isn't as good as my listening comprehension.

However, I understand that I'm a total weirdo too, so my problem is a special case. I don't know the remedy for your case, though. I'd like to say "read manga that's more mature", but it seems there's an unfair ratio of what's 'lost in translation' when the 'maturity' increases, like Nijigahara Holograph. Pretty good in English, yet somehow I can't help but think it'd be fucking amazing if I understood it as a native Japanese.

Post #584443
user avatar
Dark Knight

2:07 am, Jan 19 2013
Posts: 376

No offense OP, but maybe you shouldn't be reading childish shit to begin with if it isn't something you like?

There's plenty of dark, adult series around & being scanlated. It's up to you to stop being lazy and find 'em instead of reading whatever random series you select.


I run Illuminati-Manga. You're welcome.
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