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A Manga Like Bakuman

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5:52 am, Jan 26 2013
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so i just read the first chapter or Ikusaba Animation, and it made me think back to Bakuman, and how i really liked it. Any other suggestions that revolve around the Manga/Anime Industry? And please don't say check out that category, kind of annoying to look through ALL of those to find one lol (Yea, i know, im pretty lazy ;P)

I'd like one that at least start out when they are in high school or something. But just dealing with Manga/Anime should be good too!

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6:02 am, Jan 26 2013
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Genshiken is not only about a college club about appreciating the otaku life, but a couple of the main characters do become involved in the manga industry (the original main character becomes an Editor, and Ogiue becomes a real manga-ka, in a much more realistic progression than exists in Bakuman).

But if you're asking about a manga that revolves *entirely* around people that want to be mangaka, you won't find any more good ones. Bakuman totally pioneered the hell out of that one.

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6:15 am, Jan 26 2013
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G Senjou Heaven's Door
Shoujo Nemu

Can't really think of anything else that focuses on the industry (that I've read, at least) though there's plenty of manga in which characters are mangaka.

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6:26 am, Jan 26 2013
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Pretty Maniacs deals with a store that sells manga/anime.
Akihabara @ Deep It's an interesting one. Although not quite right either.
Otaku no Musume-san The main character is an assistant for a famous mangaka
REC Involves a seiyuu who ends up in an interesting relationship with an advertising executive
White Album (ABENO Chako)?? maybe

got some anime too.
Animation Runner Kuromi. Not sure of it's original name. It's a pretty interesting ova about animation and what goes into making it.

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7:31 am, Jan 26 2013
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If by "manga like bakuman" you mean better than Bakuman, then G Senjou Heaven's Door is my suggestion. Since someone's already stole my thunder, I guess I'll list off some fairly crappy titles that may or may not fall in line with what you're looking for.

Dojin Work
A 4-panel manga about a rag-tag group of friends and their endeavors in the world of doujinshi.

A gag comedy featuring the members of a high school club aiming to win the grand prize for an intermural high school animation contest.

Ane Comi
An ero mangaka and her younger brother...

Manga no Tsukurikata
About lesbians who draw manga. I haven't read it myself, nor do I ever intend to. I hate romance. And women.

Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!?
I would've translated that title as, "Is this woman for real?" About a slutty manga assistant making moves on her employer's son.

I would never recommend any of these titles in my right mind. But as it turns out, I don't care.

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