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Best and Worst Shonen Jump Anime Adaptations You've Sees (so far)

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From User Message Body
Post #586475

9:24 am, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 12

Post your best and worst Jump anime adaptations you've watched. You may also note the reasons why.

Best: Gintama and Yu Yu Hakusho.
Gin: Fluid animation and storyline seems to follow the manga faithfully.
YYH: Great Soundtrack and pacing is great.

Worst: Naruto and Ichigo 100%
Naruto: Fillers. Lots and lots of fillers
Ichigo: Truncated story and crappy animation (just like Toei's DBZ)

Post #586476 - Reply to (#586475) by donmai
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Noblesse Forever!

10:03 am, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 1067

We need discussions like this here?!? Total wastage of time if you ask me embarrassed

User Posted Image
Post #586478 - Reply to (#586476) by strixflash
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10:19 am, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 764

Quote from strixflash
We need discussions like this here?!? Total wastage of time if you ask me embarrassed

Calm down man, if you don't like the post don't get in, it's kind of interesting if you like to compare Manga and Anime, no need to be rude.

To be honest tough, i mostly read manga and never watch anime, mostly due to a time issue, i also prefer reading, but if i had to chose i will go:

For best

Orphen: The Anime was actually much more interesting than the manga, better art and plot
Saint Seiya(only the first few seasons): The first hundreds of chapters of the manga are terrible in art quality and plot, but the Anime corrected it all and made a Diamond out of it, all the good none of the bad. If you read the manga you can see how the art emulates the Anime as it goes on rather than the other way around.

For Worst:

The first Full Metal Alchemist Anime: Because what the sh*t was i watching, that wasn't FMA
Fate Stay/Nigh: Doesn't need explanation.(but does it count as shonen manga?, i know it's a visual novel but since there is a manga, and it is Shonen...)

Also, i love YYH Sound Track and

EVERYTHING i write is my opinion and NOT the true, just my opinion

Post #586480

11:33 am, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 12

BlackOrion, I think FMA and Orphen are not from Jump.. Thanks for replying anyway..

Post #586482 - Reply to (#586480) by donmai
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12:21 pm, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 764

Quote from donmai
BlackOrion, I think FMA and Orphen are not from Jump.. Thanks for replying anyway..

Oh god, i tough you said just Shonen in General, I feel ashamed now :$ , sorry.

Yeah, in that case Naruto is up there (as the worst), i remember watching the anime at the beginning, but when it started with the filling i drop it and just keep on reading the manga.

Post #586483

1:44 pm, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 12

Yep. Ever since after the Sound 5 arc, all is filler...

Post #586492 - Reply to (#586483) by donmai
user avatar

3:46 pm, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 920

Well Bleach tops Naruto in the filler department if you ask me....almost half of the series IS filler, bad filler......

Post #586500

7:30 pm, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 1041

One Piece:
I cant stand Tanaka Mayumi voice as Luffy
it feels like my ears are getting raped everytime he/she speaks
the last 20-somthing episodes are just awful filler...and the art overall is horrible with characters having a very elongated face...looks awful
JoJo phantom blood tv show:
ALOT of added scenes that in alot of cases ruined the story
they explain things that does not need any explenation
that in turn also made it feel very long and boring

Hokuto No Ken:
ATATATATATATAT hearing it...not just reading it...omg its awesome
also the filler episodes are in alot of cases better than the actual story
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin:
for me this is perfection
this is as good as japanese animation can get
the OVA
the OVA is probably among the best animated "things" to come out of japan...voice is perfect for all,art is just right and how the powers work is done perfectly

Post #586508
user avatar
El Psy Congroo.

10:02 pm, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 859

@BlackOrion; I'm not 100% on this but there's FMA and then there's FMA Brotherhood which should follow the manga a lot more but I haven't seen either one.

Sometimes I get confused with series like Code Geass where the anime is so good that it's unclear whether the anime came first or manga lol.

And I definitely don't want to watch anime for any of the big 3 because of the fillers.

Anyway they really should make a few episodes for Yotsuba&!

Post #586510
user avatar

10:14 pm, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 31

Ichigo 100%

D.Gray Man
Hunter x Hunter

User Posted Image
Post #586517
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11:29 pm, Feb 6 2013
Posts: 380

I don't know about the worst, there are a lot of bad adaptations and I don't watch them.
I agree, the BEST is unquestionably Gintama. cool

User Posted Image
Post #586528
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12:23 am, Feb 7 2013
Posts: 71

I'm seconding Gintama! (Even though I don't watch a whole lot of Shonen Jump Anime adaptations)

Post #586535
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2:54 am, Feb 7 2013
Posts: 25

Yu Yu Hakusho- I remained more or less faithful to the manga and cut out filler that the manga had. Also this is one of the better cases of Superlative Dubbing I have seen.
Dragonball Z- love it or hate it, it captured the essence of the DBZ manga- LOTS of talking, fast fighting and food....oh and Goku being a goofball. I enjoyed it the first time around.
Yu-Gi-Oh!- Oh I am going to catch shade for this but I really enjoyed the Yugioh anime, nostalgia filter or not. The dub had some cringe worthy moments but so did the manga. The first anime was more true to the first couple arcs of the manga but the second series was true to Yugiohbiggrinuelist and onward.

Naruto- not only inspiring a leigon of weeboos but filler, filler everywhere. I was there to read the start of the manga and was excited by the new anime but it quickly let me down.
Bleach- same as Naruto. I gave it some rope, a lot of rope and it hung us all. At least the music is nice.

In between:
One Piece- On one hand, I love the bright animation and music and the voice acting seems energetic, but I haven't been keeping up with the manga due to filler and headache and augh. Maybe I will pick it up if it ever finishes.
Shaman King- I didn't judge this one since I am not really caught up on the manga and futhermore, I haven't seen the anime yet. I also haven't heard anything about the anime. No one has said if it's good or bad and that's worrying. Is it that forgettableconfused
Hikaru No Go- same as shamen king.

Please note I only listed older shounen jump titles. After Yugioh ended in the magazine I stopped reading Shounen Jump and switched to Shojo Beat.

On another tangent, I wonder how long before a thread on Best and Worst Yen Press Anime Adaptations? A lot of their stuff is getting the anime adaptation and a good chunk of it looks gold [Nabari No Ou, Soul Eater, etc..]

The most beautiful shining star
Post #586566

12:00 pm, Feb 7 2013
Posts: 12

Naruto- not only inspiring a leigon of weeboos but filler, filler everywhere.

That made me laugh MitzumiKare.. Yes, I see what you're going into. laugh

I agree DBZ was a great anime adaptation (although with minor/major flaws such as (Triangle Crap/Garlic Jr. Saga).

My In-between list:

Sket Dance - Great dubbing and great animation, but I think of it as a watered-down Gintama.

Bleach - Coming from the same studio as Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho (Studio Pierrot), I don't see any crappy animation (unlike Naruto) and it has its great soundtrack points (like YYH) but I think it employs Toei's "stretching the arc" technique (Dragon Ball (another negative) and One Piece).

Hokuto no Ken - Even the manliest Jump anime has no escape from flaws. I "seriously" am not-so-likely in vote for Kenshiro's design (he looks like Rock Lee's descendant). Having seen few episodes and the 1986 movie, I can say is that most of the characters, Toei made them look all like American Indians (especially Raoh).

City Hunter - The "Gintama" of the 80's (considering Jump's Big 3 back then: Dragon Ball, Stardust Crusaders (JJBA Part 3) and Saint Seiya) Sunrise made Saeba's body frame looked like Kenshiro's (although Hojo-sensei's design made it so). Great series anyway.. eyes

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