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New Poll - Starting Age

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2:06 pm, Mar 16 2013
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Nice poll. Started reading manga in 2001 or so. Was 15 or 16 then.

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2:23 pm, Mar 16 2013
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Hmmm..... if you count Dragon Ball, I was maybe 14. It's the only manga I've ever owned. I got about 15 chapters or so. Then I didn't read any for quit some time. Didn't start reading pirated manga until about 19-ish. I've been sitting here ever since. It's been 6 yrs. cry

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2:40 pm, Mar 16 2013
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With 7/8 years, Dragon Ball and Fly (Dai no daiboken) (and other non-mangas)

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2:56 pm, Mar 16 2013
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I started in 2008 with Marmalade Boy, a friend of mine had bought it, back then when they were really cheap. We were 14 years old


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4:12 pm, Mar 16 2013
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I started in year 6 at the age of 10, after learning that Naruto wasn't just on TV!
Then I think I read Shaman King immediately after with the same mindset. laugh

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4:24 pm, Mar 16 2013
Posts: 133

When I was around 5 years old. (Yes, my addiction started young. Really young haha) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Why? Because a newspaper stall was selling a volume and the art looked really really pretty. biggrin

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4:46 pm, Mar 16 2013
Posts: 1041

reading comics
japanese comics
a little later...lets say 10-14
i have no idea what the first japanese comics was for me
i cant remember irrelevant information like that lol
a guess

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4:53 pm, Mar 16 2013
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I began reading manga when I started 6th grade smile I didn't know what manga was until this girl found some at the library and showed me. So my first manga was called Ultra Maniac and I got addicted right there, haha.

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5:54 pm, Mar 16 2013
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While this is an interesting question, I would like to see a question about how long ago somebody started reading manga. For instance, if the majority of the site's users are <=18 years old, then the vast majority of first time manga experiences is going to when people were <=18 years old. I'd like to see if new people are starting to pickup manga recently (and if there were some "manga boom"), or if the majority of users are long-time readers and if new users aren't coming into the genre. That will likely tell a good picture of what to expect in the future.

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6:39 pm, Mar 16 2013
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I got my first Manga when i was 9 and i still have it in good condition. biggrin

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7:35 pm, Mar 16 2013
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I started reading manga when I was really young. But at that time, i didn't know it was manga. I just thought of it as normal comics with nice art. Plus, I only read it when I have nothing to do. Then, I stopped reading it b'coz I didn't find it giving me any benefits and it was also a waste of time.

But, when I was 15, I started to read it again and this time, I went GAGA for it. It is my biggest hobby that I ever had in my life. So, I put 14-18 as my option because that was the time when I was seriously reading manga.

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3:39 am, Mar 17 2013
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I first read manga at 5 or 6 years old,but start buy manga at 2nd years middle school it was around 14-15 years old

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8:54 am, Mar 17 2013
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Duude, I remember I started reading manga during 5th or 6th grade!!
The boys from my class brought in Shonen Jump when it first came out and I was hooked!
Not only that, I think my first manga series might have been Initial D? Again, I remember the boys bringing it in and I had to like beg this one guy to let me read the next volume lol. I was already an addict then and still is 10 years later.
First exposure though? Probably Sailor Moon or Doreamon or Pokemon? Then there was that Adult Swim on Cartoon Network back in the days... mmm good times.

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9:19 am, Mar 17 2013
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The descriptions suck. Which countries have middle school from 10 to 14? Not very many, I imagine. And 22 to 30 a young adult? I'd say at latest when you get to 22 and over you can drop the "young" off.

As for the question: pretty much from when I learned to read, so the first answer.

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9:54 am, Mar 17 2013
Posts: 68

In 6th or 7th grade.
The Dragonball anime was very popular among the boys of our class and before long, we were buying and exchanging the manga volumes until we had all of them.

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