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Rating System

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I rate a manga __ when I think I didn't waste my time reading it and thought it was enjoyable, if not great.
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From User Message Body
Post #613191
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10:14 pm, Sep 2 2013
Posts: 283

I've been thinking about rating systems for a while now and since there's no reference on MU for what each rating means I'd like to ask everyone what these numbers mean to them, or at least what a 0, 5, and 10 mean.

For me a 10 is a manga that I found worthwhile to read, wouldn't mind re-reading right then, would love to own/do own, and something I'll never forget. A 5 is manga that I feel like I've wasted a bit of time on, wasn't bad, wouldn't want to own or re-read, and is pretty forgettable. A 0 is a manga that I wish I hadn't read at all, made me rage a bit, and is memorable because how much I disliked it.

What are your thoughts?

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Post #613194

11:16 pm, Sep 2 2013
Posts: 42

I never put a 0 because if I hate a manga, I just stop right from the bat. else, if at least enjoyable in all aspects, it's a 6, if it's great a 7 and the last three points belong to criterias such as : Have I been moved, apparent strong points of the manga, adequate pace, well defined audience and things as such.
As such as of today, I have never ever given the best mark to a manga.

If anything, I'll be grey.
Post #613206
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Black Witch

12:25 am, Sep 3 2013
Posts: 381

I rate Mangas in a system of 5-10 using .5 as middle steeps when it's doesn't enough in one step either because it doesn't measure up or is to good.

Art has a pretty heavy impact on me, but its more about how the art matches the story, rather then the art on its own. I tend to lean more on Story and Character, but at the same time if the art can't live up to either of those its hard for me to enjoy reading it, how it looks is very important to me as a Reader, not as much as an Observer.

When I judge a rating for a series I judge it in according with What I think of it as a Reader and Observer, as a reader I want to enjoy and be engrossed in the manga/book/etc, as an observer I am entertained and interested in the manga/book/etc.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
- >5: I don't/very rarely rate below 5, but below 5 is something I wont read.
(I decided to abstain from voting on below 5 because in the end its a matter of taste, so I refrain from commenting about that which I can not stand/take and leave it for those that enjoyed or found it interesting.)

- 5: This means its barely readable, It usually means it hangs on a spider's thread, I probably only have one slightest/tiniest part of one thing in the manga I liked, except that, its unreadable. I read it similarly to how you read/watch the news, just to update you on the latest developments.
(Examples: Kamisama no Iutoori Ni - The first one was Great, in its memory I read this, hoping for a better future.
Naruto - Like I read/watch the news simply to update myself on it, nothing else.)

- 6: I read it (much similar to :5 - just to update on its development) but I generally have an interest in it, possibly I want to know what happens with the plot, some situation, a character or a relation etc.
(Example: Haru to Natsu - It has a nice taste to it, but that's it.
Attaque - Interesting style on the main character, but most of all because he's crippled, it piques my interest.)

- 7: This has something good about it, something I like. But that's about it. It can be something very small and the rest is okey, or it can be more of general thing.
(Example: Mother Keeper - I absoloutly loved the way it started out, but shortly afterwards it betrayed my expectations, The main character is to ...fussy -in lack or better word-, and is to much shounen.
Cavalier of the Abyss -I want to know how thing will turn out, I like how much things changed from the Prequal, I greatly dislike the new main character.)

- 8: Now this, this is the good stuff, if not great with some flaws.
(Example: Vagabond -Great parts, Good parts. Great Story, Great Art, Great Characters, Nothing wrong, It's great, But as a reader I just don't find it interesting/capturing/engrossing/entertaining.
D.Gray-man - I enjoy reading this, I enjoy seeing what happens next, I just think that there are to many question with to few answers given and I wish for more change in the main character.)

- 9: Here there's no -It would/could have been better if it was done this way-. This is the way its supposed to be, It just doesn't measure up when compared to how interesting/entertaining/enjoyable/engrossing other Stories are, they are here, not because they're bad, but because other's are better.
(Example: I can't really give examples since the only thing to comment on all of them would be, stating how great it is and then go on to say that there are other pieces that are greater.)

- 10: What can I say, (I don't really know), Nothing I can say can really do them justice in my opinion, a Must Read.
Tower of God
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Novel)
Rising Impact (no longer being scanelated - 3132 days since last release)

(9.5: I feel like I should mention it, they are pretty much to say -Greater then 9's but not worthy of a 10, they're flawless or magnificent but not a 10 or the 10's are better).

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Post #613244
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Lazy Scanlator ^_^

8:43 am, Sep 3 2013
Posts: 279

7 is the absolute minimum I'll rate a series I'm gonna keep reading.
Ok... maybe 6. But I'm not gonna catch up on 6s more often that once in every 6-8 months. And only when I have nothing else to read.

Good scores:
7 - good, but I don't have to keep up with it weekly.
8 - better than 7, but also don't have to read immediately.
8.x - very good, but not as good to as be a 9.
9 - great.
9.x - almost amazing, but not incredible.
10 - incredible. Only three series have ever been rated 10 by me (so far).

And bad scores:
6 - mediocre. Not really worth a read, unless there's nothing else to read.
5 - poor.
4 - very poor.
3 - bad.
2 - crap.
1 - !@#$%^&*

Though, I don't think I've ever rated a series below 5...

You can PM me if you need a temporary (freelance) cleaner/redrawer for some project. Especially if it's something with nice art.
Being the lazy person that I am, I'm not likely to accept anything long-term though.
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Post #613245
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9:17 am, Sep 3 2013
Posts: 317

(My rating is close to Gradonil_Ral's)
"7" is the lowest rating in my reading list (so everything I read, wether I constantly keep up with the releases or just put on hold and wait for more, is at least a "7"). Everything I'd rate below that, would already be dropped by me at some point and not on my list...
"8.0"-"9.0" is decent to read. It reaches from "surprisingly it's pretty nice" to "great read"
"9.1"-"9.9" is a really awesome manga, which I keep up with the releases and sometimes reread some chapters if I am pretty bored or just feel like it
"10" is the "absolute amazingness" and worth rereading the entire manga just for the fun... I rarely rate a manga "10" though.

Post #613251
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10:11 am, Sep 3 2013
Posts: 321

My rating is similar to Lightmare's. My lowest rating is 5, though there are only few of them since I simply stop reading the ones I don't like. 5 usually means that the series had potential or at least I hoped it would pick up at some point but it didn't. I would never read a 5 ever again. (Example: Gamaran)

I rate a manga 10, if:
a) it's a masterpiece in my opinion (Tower of God)
b) I enjoyed it so much despite its flaws that I want to push the average score a little (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

I only rate 1/4 of the mangas I read though.

Post #613252
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10:26 am, Sep 3 2013
Posts: 471

i had read loads of manga, and most of them is 8 and above. it just that if i find it boring, i will stop reading it and it will be put in my reading list or on hold list, forever untouched thus un rate. (my reading list is for manga i wish to read and reading, my wish list is for manga not completely scanlated and i'm waiting to read it in one go).

most of the 6 and below are porn, since somehow i can't bring myself to rate them higher even if they fulfill their use as masturbatory material. so non-porn stories that is rated lower is in one-shot form since it's so short, i don't mind completing it thus able to rate it.

but i never rate anything 10, i don't like giving perfect mark.

Post #613260
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1:17 pm, Sep 3 2013
Posts: 506

For me, I usually don't rate a manga unless it really leaves an impression on me. I most likely wouldn't rate a series like what was described in the poll, something I only thought was okay. This is why most series I read I haven't rated.

I also use the decimal point a lot. So I'll rate things 7.7 or 8.5

10- absolutely amazing, nothing could make this series better. I could literally read this series over and over and over and never get tired of it (this is really special for me since I almost never re-read or re-watch things). I only have one series rated a 10.

9- great

8- very good

7- a high 7 (7.5-7.9) is a good series, a low 7 (7.0-7.5) is an okay series

6 and below are various degrees of bad. I don't have many series rated below this because I only rate series that I've completed, and if a series is really bad then I don't finish it.

The lowest I've ever rated a series is a 3.

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Post #613612
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3:12 pm, Sep 6 2013
Posts: 187

I judge a manga depending on the artwork and plot, usually. If it was good and the art was ok it deserves a 6 or a 7. If I might read it again one day, or it left an impression, then it gets an 8. Nines and tens are reserved for my favourite manga.
I occasionally give a lower mark if I had to drop the manga or simply didn't like it at all. Plus I usually give them decimals (7'4 for example)

User Posted Image
subir fotos
Post #614073 - Reply to (#613244) by Gradonil_Ral
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2:10 pm, Sep 10 2013
Posts: 187

Quote from Gradonil_Ral
Only three series have ever been rated 10 by me (so far).

I'm curious to know which ones they are...

User Posted Image
subir fotos
Post #614075 - Reply to (#614073) by Aijin-of-Iwa
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Lazy Scanlator ^_^

2:28 pm, Sep 10 2013
Posts: 279

Quote from Aijin-of-Iwa
I'm curious to know which ones they are...

In order of when I rated them 10:
1. One Piece (immediately after starting it - late 2007/early 2008 - whatever was near the end of Water 7 saga in anime)
2. Bakuman (it climbed from... 9.5, I think, to 10 somewhere by the end - the last arc or the one before it, I think)
3. Tower of God (I'm not sure if I bumped it to 10 by the end of season 1 or at the beginning of season 2 - for me these were just a few days apart since I picked it up this April or May)

You can PM me if you need a temporary (freelance) cleaner/redrawer for some project. Especially if it's something with nice art.
Being the lazy person that I am, I'm not likely to accept anything long-term though.
User Posted Image
Post #614077
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manger le toupee

3:13 pm, Sep 10 2013
Posts: 302

For me, it's a solid 6 if it's not great but wasn't a waste of time.

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Post #614097

7:42 pm, Sep 10 2013
Posts: 32

Good is 7-10 range.

Last edited by lkyuri at 6:41 am, Oct 11

Post #614105
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9:13 pm, Sep 10 2013
Posts: 761

I don't think much when I rate a manga, I rely more on feelings ("This one feels like an 8"). But I browsed through my lists and here are my general feelings associated with the numbers:

10 - I wish I could wipe out all my memories of this manga and then read it again. I recommend it to everyone, even to people who don't read manga.
9 - Very good and memorable, I'll definitely read it again soon. I recommend it to my friends who read manga, even if they don't like that particular genre.
8 - Good and entertaining read, I may read it again when I feel like it. I recommend it to people who like this particular genre.
7 - Pleasant. I read all of it and wasn't tempted to give up.
6 - It was okay I guess...? I read all of it but I don't really know why, maybe I was bored?
5 - Meh. I read most of it, but didn't finish, I wasn't even tempted to know the ending.
4 - I read several volumes but I got bored and dropped it.
3 - I didn't like it. Dropped it around the first volume. But some people may like it, it's just not my thing.
2 - An objectively bad quality manga (I don't think anybody would like it)
1 - Oh my God, this is horrible! I have to rate it as 1 to warn people! Maybe then they won't read this awful manga and waste their time.

Last edited by Hanae at 9:20 pm, Sep 10

Post #615176
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10:11 pm, Sep 20 2013
Posts: 70

10 - left in a stupor after finishing X chapters, usually a series with new/different setting and very few plot and art holes. Very memorable
9 - Really freaking good but lacking something. also very memorably series
8 - Pleasant read that usually contains quite a few stereotypes but also has some unique originality in it. I usually rate good series with below average art around here.
7 - Pleasant read. Nothing really wrong but also a series that doesn't particularly stand out and will probably forget about after a while
6 - Decent read but probably has a lot of moments where I go "ugh ... so cheesy".
5 and below - something I dropped.

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