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Group Website Listing Fix

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11:08 am, Oct 22 2014
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yep same thing here on firefox, every group has "no info" as the website

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4:36 am, Nov 4 2014
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Seeing as Chrome won't list the extension on the store anymore, would it be possible to zip up the file so we can add it as an unpacked extension manually ourselves, like other "unofficial" Chrome extensions eg. GrooveShark Downloader?
Their tutorial video on how to add extensions is super easy to do that even I was able to install their extension! xD

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8:50 pm, Nov 23 2014
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@people having it no longer work in firefox:
You probably have noscript or something else that blocks javascript installed.
Since some version of the script, you need to allow javascript from "" to have the links to the groups appear.

Post #656907

10:58 pm, Nov 23 2014
Posts: 137

Thank you connerity! That did the trick ^^

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