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Japanese Songs

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12:04 am, Mar 14 2014
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Hey guys, could you guys recommend some songs that you listen to that are in Japanese.
I tend to listen to vocaloids and opening and ending songs of anime and I want to expand my
Japanese music knowledge.

So I would like songs that aren't the opening or ending song but it's still okay to recommend them.
I would also like to know more vocaloid songs.

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1:41 am, Mar 14 2014
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I would definitely recommend you to listen to any songs done by fripSide. The Japanese singer Lia has a beautiful voice, you may recognize her from key's works such as Clannad. Also you can't go wrong with Ecosystem. (Dilemma and Secret are my favourites)
Here are some Vocaloid songs that i personally adore. (you might know some)
Glide - Kaito & Gakupo
Hatsune Miku - Delusion Sketch
Gumi Megpoid - Eye Examination
Hatsune Miku - Kocchi Muite Baby
Gumi Megpoid - Tropical Summer
i can go on and on with this post but i think i'll stop here for now. (:
JPop and K-Pop artists that you may or may not be interested in.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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lιvιɴɢ ιɴ α yαoι woɴderlαɴd
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3:09 am, Jul 10 2014
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Resuscitated Hope. It is the ending song in the anime Gosick

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3:05 pm, Jul 10 2014
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I don't listen much to J-Pop, but I love GARNiDELiA, MARiA, Aqua Timez, ROOKiEZ is PUNK'd, BoA, and Oku Hanako. Their voice are pleasant to listen to. For Vocaloid songs, here are some that I frequently listen to (mostly Miku's songs, because she's my favorite).

MikitoP ft. Hatsune Miku – Sayoko
keeno ft. Hatsune Miku – drop (anything by keeno is good.)
JimmyThumbP ft. Hatsune Miku – Little Traveler
JimmyThumbP ft. Hatsune Miku – Starduster
Ebico ft. IA & Hatsune Miku – Kyouka Suigetsu
HoneyWorks ft. GUMI – Yakimochi no Kotae
Hachi ft. Hatsune Miku – WORLD'S END UMBRELLA
Hachi ft. Hatsune Miku – Qualia
kaoling ft. CUL & GUMI – FREYJA.sys
kaoling ft. IA & Kaai Yuki – Jiyuu wo Utau Kaze
MamomoP ft. GUMI – Summer, Sunlight, and Footpath
Heavenz ft. Hatsune Miku – Telomere's First Cry
HoneyWorks ft. Hatsune Miku – Hajimari no Sayonara
Ga Gain ft. SeeU – Arirang
KaguP ft. Hatsune Miku – Kimi Soubu Haru Sora
40mP ft. Hatsune Miku – Kimiboshi
40mP ft. Hatsune Miku – Jenga
doriko ft. Hatsune Miku – bouquet

Sorry for the long list. You can PM me anytime if you want to know more!

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4:04 pm, Jul 10 2014
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MAN WITH A MISSION - Get Off of my Way
Maximum the Hormone - Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
nano - Nevereverland

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5:44 pm, Jul 10 2014
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SiM (abbreviated for Silence iz Mine) - Killing Me
One OK Rock
Man With a Mission
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5:36 am, Aug 24 2014
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Most of the Japanese songs I listen to are vocaloids (the rest are OP/ED of animes xP) So, the songs I listen to/listened to recently:

HoneyWorks ft.flower - Inokori Sensei
kemu ft. IA - Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
Neru ft. IA - Life Prolonging Treatment
kemu ft. GUMI - Haiboku no Shounen
Shokubai Phantom Girl ft. GUMI - My Crush Was A Monster Boy
Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P ft. VY2 (or YUMA) - The Dark Lord's Like A Fawning Girl (I thought this song was funny xD)
YM ft. GUMI - Ten-Faced
Hachi ft. GUMI and Hatsune Miku - Matryoshka (I love 96neko and vipTenchou's cover!!)
goboumen ft. IA - A Realistic Logical Ideologist
Mafumafu and Suzumu ft. IA - Revenge Syndrome
Suzumu ft. GUMI and MAYU - Indulging: Idol Syndrome
UtataP ft. IA - I'm Sorry For Liking You
Jin ft. IA - Night Tales Deceive (and the other Kagepro songs biggrin r)
UtataP ft. MAYU - I Fall.. and Stay Down
Dixie Flatline ft. Megurine Luka - Just Be Friends (I'm sure that you've heard of this one..)
UtataP ft. MAYU - An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness (Yandere Song..)
Hachi ft. GUMI - Panda Hero

Also, if you haven't listened to them yet, you should listen to Daughter of Evil (Rin), Servant of Evil (Len), and Regret Message (Rin) from Akuno-P smile

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6:50 am, Aug 24 2014
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Ah, I'll skip the vocaloid songs - as they have too many.

Groovin' Magic - Round table ft. Nino
Claris - Drop
Flower - Sun and Sunflower
AKB48 - River (My personal favorite from them).
We Love Katamari - Disco Prince
We Love Katamari - Everlasting Love (What can I say? The game has fun music).
Ikimono Gakari - Uruwashiki Hito (Def. recommend this, super relaxing and catchy).
Shinsekai Yori - Wareta Ringo
Kou Shibasaki - Mukei Spirit I recommend the MUGEN LOOP remix.
My Little Sisters Booty Can't be This Fine - ClariS vs. Bubba Sparxxx (Just because).

Alright, I lied. I'll include some vocaloid songs. However, I'm going to refrain from using a lot of Rin songs - as she's my favorite.

Rin Kagamine - Meltdown, Demon Girlfriend, Ur-style, Regret Message, The Worst Carnival, Invasion, Candy Psychologist, Sigh, Maid of Evil, Daughter of Evil.

Rin and Len Kagamine duets - Karakuri Burst, Corrupted flower, remote control, HAKOBAKO player, answer to recycle bin, Death should not have taken thee, World domination how to, Black and White Genealogy

Len Kagamine - The New Millennium and Servant of Evil

Miku Hatsune - Rolling Girl and Heat-Haze Days

KAITO - Loli Yuukai (Meltdown play) and Lord of Darkness (Another (insertwordhere) of evil series play).

MEIKO - Honey

Luka Megurine - Double Lariat, Leia, Palette,

Honeyworks ft. Gumi - [The Current Topic Talked About Just a Bit, God] and A Teacher, Detained

Gumi - Haiboku no Shounen, Sorry to you, My Crush Was A Monster Boy, Aitai, Time-Warped After Chopping My Stag Beetle, Run Away

Rin and Miku - [Even as a female ninja, I want to love]

I recommend looking into Nico Nico Chorus covers on vocaloid songs - they're the best.

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8:13 pm, Sep 2 2014
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I can't recommend any Vocaloid songs since I don't listen to them but if you're interested in other genres, I might be of help:


Asian Kung-Fu Generation: Jihei Tansaku, No Name, Understand, N.G.S., Kimi to iu Hana
Popular alternative rock band. They wrote the music for the theme song of ASANO Inio's Solanin. Otherwise well-known for various anime openings ("Fullmetal Alchemist", "Naruto", "Bleach").

Straightener: Rest, Oyogu Tori, From Noon Till Dawn, Sad and Beautiful World
Successful long-term side project of various indie musicians.

Happy End: Kaze wo Atsumete
Pioneer folk rock band from the 70s.


Kiyoura Natsumi: Jyukuiro, Yakusoku no Uta, Midnight Love Call
She's often featured on anime soundtracks ("Spice and Wolf", "Ristorante Paradiso", "Sasameki Koto", "Sgt. Frog", "Sketchbook", "Phi Brain: Puzzle of God").

Hasegawa Miyako: Shizuku, Tabisurukotowo Kimeta Hi, Kokoniite, Ai Yurara
Indie artist with a calm voice and influences of Jazz.


Misora Hibari: Hibari No Matroos San, Sukoshi No Aida Sayounara
Famous Japanese singer who can be considered a national treasure of sorts. She was active during the second half of the 20th century, so her style is more dated. She has also sung a lot of enka.

Itoh Kimiko: Watch What Happens, Your Voice - Asian Dream, Speak Low, Bluesette
She contributed the ending song to "Ghost in the Shell: Innocence". She sings in English.

Sakamoto Ryuichi: Tibetan Dance
Contemporary pianist. He's better known for his film scores ("Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence", "The Last Emperor").

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