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Trying to remember past manga

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8:45 am, Jul 11 2015
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I have read so many manga in the past and never wrote them down. Although most are really short........ While trying to remember some, I recall a few points within the mangas, but my brain blanks out while trying to recall their titles. Please help me recover my memory!
1. There was one manga with the female student protagonist had a love interest that was regarded the 'Sadist King'

2. Another was a variety of one-shots, with one story having a cat transform into a human, and become the love interest of its carer.

3.Also, one manga had a girl being kissed by a guy inside an elevator, only to find out later that it was her friend's boyfriend.

4.Futhermore, one manga involved a wolf/wolf demon/wolf spirit (Not sure which) being hunted down by the female protagonist and is revealed to be the last of his kind. Later on in the story though, the protagonist ending having kids with him at the very end (they look like wolf cubs).

5. One manga has the female student protagonist presented as a mangaka with an obsession for a gakuran. The mangaka ends up drawing a manga about the gakuran, with the manga's model being implied as the love interest.

6.One manga has a girl in the snowy mountains, as a school trip, that falls for a snowboarding guy, who is super-cold to her (Brrr...) but her feelings become requited in the end. In the middle of the manga, he ends up taking care of her after she got injured.

7. One manga has a student girl consuming a poison (I think) unknowingly, until the sensei tells her that there is only one way to get rid of its effects (I wish to keep this safe so I shall not mention it) At the end, the sensei reveals his feelings for the girl, ending the story with a hidden kiss.

8. Last but not least, there was a manga in which a girl's first encounter with her love interest was when he took a photo of her next to a statue or monument of some sort, and him eventually transforming her and helping her in clothing choices with clippings of clothes from photographs and magazines being placed over a photograph of her own photographed figure.

All the mangas are romance shoujos that are no more than 10 chapters, so can you please help me?

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9:34 am, Jul 11 2015
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Number 2 could be S no Yuiitsu M no Zettai ? The third story is about a cat turning into a boy.
I'm quite sure I read 1-4-6 (I recall the snowboarder ends up working as a teacher in the girl's high school, if it's the one you're looking for), but for now no clue on the titles.

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12:55 pm, Jul 11 2015
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Thanks such much!!!! smile wink grin smile wink grin smile wink grin You were right about number 2, though regarding number 6, he treated her in an infimary in the mountains, I think. Hope my memory is not failing right now..

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1:58 pm, Jul 11 2015
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8 might be High School Debut and 1 seems familiar, but I'm not sure.

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2:20 pm, Jul 11 2015
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4. Oiran Girl (the oneshot, Ginrou no Sakura)
5. Kaichou-san Chi no Koneko (not too sure if it's this one)
8. Shiny Doll

I think i read most of these but i just can't find them sad

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3:14 pm, Jul 11 2015
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6 is Setsuna Yuki

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12:28 am, Jul 12 2015
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Number 6 did turn out to be Setsuna Yuki, Number 4 was Ginrou no Sakura and number 8 did turn out to be Shiny Doll. Thanks so much! So that means four down and four to go. Once again, thanks for your contribution smile wink grin biggrin biggrin

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1:26 am, Jul 12 2015
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1 could be Ookami Shoujo to Kuroouji or Mikami-kun no Himitsu

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2:01 am, Jul 12 2015
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3 might be 37°C no Boyfriend http://

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2:57 am, Jul 12 2015
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3 was 37°C no Boyfriend, though for number one, the girl, as I remember, had less contact with the guy than in Mikami-kun no Himitsu, and was confronted by three or more girls. One of the girls told the protagonist that she was better suited for him. In the end, after the girl confesses, the guy states that he is a masochist.

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8:40 am, Jul 14 2015
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1 could most probably be hanbun wa ai de dekitemasu by Sato Zakuri. ......... If it's not then it could be genshoku tsundere danshi semekare chap-2 by Aikawa Hiro
Hope that helps biggrin

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10:21 am, Jul 31 2015
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It wasn't either, and i can't remember much more.... sad

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