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the mangaka died, and now?

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4:30 am, Aug 25 2015
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I would like to know what happen, in the most of the cases, when the mangaka (author) die before finish the serie.


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4:58 am, Aug 25 2015
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Typically that's it for the series. No more chapters

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5:00 am, Aug 25 2015
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In most cases, the series stays unfinished. In some rare cases the assistant(s) continues (with the publisher permission) or the publisher finds a new artist to finish the story if the author left a manuscript or a general guideline on how the story goes until the end.

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5:03 am, Aug 25 2015
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it depend on the work
Hunter x Hunter mangaka TOGASHI Yoshihiro is very sick and has not being able to draw many chapter in the last 4 years but it is said that is wife TAKEUCHI Naoko will finish is work if he died

and in another case
Zero no Tsukaima (Novel) writer YAMAGUCHI Noboru died in 2013 and is work will never be finish. But the anime was given a good ending.

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5:50 am, Aug 25 2015
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I don't really know the specifics for manga, but in the case of novels in America, they tend to have a hand chosen successor by either the family or agent/editor/publisher.

The best example is when Robert Jordan, who wrote The Wheel of Time series, passed away. He died after writing 11 books of a planned 12 book series. His wife and editor chose an upcoming author named Brandon Sanderson to finish his works and he did a great job (even wrote 3 novels based on Robert Jordan's notes and outlines to finish the series as opposed to just 1).

I honestly feel that mangaka's should have the same plan in place where they have an idea (either in outline or in notes, etc.) of how their manga will end and then someone close to them or the manga they work on would choose a successor to finish it.

I'm fairly certain that all creators of great works whether they are novels or manga, would want their work finished as a tribute to their fans. It is so incredibly unsatisfying to see a great manga or series of novels end before it actually finishes. It's also a hard way to remember that author or mangaka b/c you can never have a great appreciation for their work as you would if it had a proper ending.

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6:56 am, Aug 25 2015
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Josei manga author Kyoko Okazaki had an acccident in 1996 and she is still recovering. I think I read somewhere that Moyoco Anno (wife of Hideaki Anno, of Evangelion fame) used to be an assistant of hers and she later helped edit her older works for publication.

Sorry if I cant be more specific, but it seems that in particular circumstances, assistant can take over the work of the master. I mean, we know that manga are not necessarily drawn by a single author, so it may happen.

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7:55 am, Aug 25 2015
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Quote from dasnik
and in another case
Zero no Tsukaima (Novel) writer YAMAGUCHI Noboru died in 2013 and is work will never be finish. But the anime was given a good ending.

Actually, this is no longer true. We had news about it being continued earlier this year:

Quote from Lower
The Familiar of Zero Light Novels to Continue After Author's Passing r-of-zero-light-novels-to-continue-after-author-passing/.89697

Zero no Tsukaima's ending was dictated by late author Noboru Yamaguchi

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9:19 am, Aug 25 2015
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Yeah, it usually means the manga will be left unfinished.

This is not always the case though, such as with Trinity Blood.
If I remember correctly, it had a team of an author and artist, and after the author's death the artist continued the manga.

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11:45 am, Aug 25 2015
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It depends on the popularity and how much rights the author/the estate held on to.
Tezuka´s manga are still getting all sorts of spin-offs yet none (thankfully) ever touched his Hi no Tori in manga form so respect can play a role to. Adaptations as the Itazura na Kiss anime can even solve the lack of a resolution by writing their own ending which is a good compromise in my eyes.
Don´t expect a continuation if the series never hit big but franchises as let´s say Crayon Shin-chan will go on (beyond our deaths too) as way too much money is left on the table. Publishing is a business in the end so the bottom line is profit and Money never Sleeps.
The same goes for novels (poor Dune), films (Game of Death II exists!) and so on.

Edit: @Katsono Read the note again as Tadashi finished Alive on his own and even planed a new work on his eventual death bed. You do have a point though as artists or assistants occasionally take over.

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1:56 pm, Aug 25 2015
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Most likely, there'll be no sequel or someone else might continue the work in a few cases. There are a few exceptions like Alive - The Final Evolution where the author planned everything and left it to the artist before its death ( there's even a message from him in the last chapter ), though.

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1:14 pm, Sep 30 2016
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