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4:32 pm, Dec 3 2015
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I have to do a book trailer project for school and I'm looking for a manga that is 1-2 volumes in length. It can't be smutty. And I want something that doesn't have strong romantic tones. Some romance is okay. I like mystery/fantasy and am pretty much open to any suggestions! Oh and decent art is a must! XD


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10:55 pm, Dec 3 2015
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I looked through my completed list and picked a few that fit your criteria. They mostly ended up being shoujo though lol But they don't have much romance.

I hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck with your project ^^

C-Blossom - Case 729
Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai

These ones don't really fit, but i guess it's better that you have more to pick from
Kagome Kagome (IKEBE Aoi)
Ano Ko no Ie

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jail bait

1:56 am, Dec 4 2015
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How about Kamikaze Girls? Shoujo about two friends, pretty art and has been turned into a live action. Minimal romance, barely any but strong theme of friendship and individuality, sorta like a coming of age story. biggrin

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3:18 am, Dec 4 2015
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Wow! Thanks guys! These all look so promising! I'm going to have to read them all in order to pick which one I like the best! Thank you all again!

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