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What are these mangas?

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6:51 pm, Jan 19 2016
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This one is a yaoi/shounen ai. I think this is part of a manga with one shots in it.It's about a guy who likes his "roommate", and the "roommate" likes him too. Later he is said to be getting a roommate since he is the only one with a single room, he objects since he thinks he still has a roommate. He goes to talk to his "roommate", but can't find him thinking that he was a ghost that lived in his room. He is later asked to give the dorm manager something by someone else, so he goes and does that finding out that the dorm manager was his roommate that was using that room since it was empty for a long time.
2. This is a shoujo I think. The girl is crying at her mother's funeral and is crying outside, and meets a guy who has the same hair and eyes a her or something like that who tries to cheer her up. It does then a time skip of that girl living a guy who was a friend of her mother or something and his friend. It is shown later that her mother was from a rich family and eloped with her father who was the guy who raised her, but he had dyed his hair and had not told her that he was his father in agreement to raising her with her grandparents.
3. There was also this one.It was a chapter in a shoujo manga I think, but I can't remember which one it was. The chapter went like this. A girl is always wearing things against the rules so the disciplinary committee president is always taking a picture of her. She does this because she loves him, but then something happens, like she is told off by someone else or something is said wrong then she goes wearing the right stuff and it is found the president liked her too and photo albums are full of her pictures. Well I think this is how it went. I don't remember how each went exactly, but this all I can really think of how they went.
confused I just can't remember what these were so any help is great.

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10:46 am, Apr 17 2021
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I know this post is so old but I happened to know the first two mangas so why not 😀
1. Chapter 3 from Bitansan Ekisu
2. Volume 4 one shot Hana and Ageha, the summer form Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume

Post #790128 - Reply to (#789942) by z_goes_undercover

9:31 pm, Apr 25 2021
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I know it's a little off-topic, but I'm going to ask here because I strongly suspect the answer won't require a whole thread: Why are Yuri/Yaoi ISO required to be posted here instead of the usual "looking for" forum thread? I mean, I appreciate that it's a smaller community and easier to navigate, but just curious since I've seen people dinged for it more than once when it's a logical misunderstanding :s

Post #790415 - Reply to (#790128) by Carmella
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2:52 pm, May 9 2021
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Maybe because it's a bigger/more specific genre? It makes receiving a helpful answer easier too.
But looking at it personally, I feel like here is a safer place for us - the manga community in general isn't very acceptive of BL/GL based on the nasty comments I see all the time

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