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New Poll - Live Action Adaptations

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8:07 am, Jan 21 2017
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Another poll suggested by residentgrigo. The last time we did this poll was back in 2009 after Dragonball Evolution came out. And in a couple of months is the release of Ghost in the Shell. Please don't suck. Just, please.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you listen to anime OSTs?
Often - votes: 1922 (28.6%)
Occasionally - votes: 2939 (43.8%)
Never - votes: 907 (13.5%)
Used to, but not anymore - votes: 942 (14%)
There were 6710 total votes.
The poll ended: January 21st 2017

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8:22 am, Jan 21 2017
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Depends on the genre/demographic for me. I'm always wary of shounen live actions, but shoujo/drama/romance, I am usually willing to give a chance.

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10:28 am, Jan 21 2017
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I tend to watch if they are Japanese adaptation, Hollywood productions of anime/manga those I avoid like the plague

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12:42 pm, Jan 21 2017
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It's case by case. It really depends on how the trailer looks. I used to be super excited any time I heard of an adaptation, but now I approach them cautiously.

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4:57 pm, Jan 21 2017
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Yeah, mostly avoid, sorry, the overall track record for 'em is just so bad (my opinion) that it's kind of like throwing good money after bad to keep giving them a chance only to waste even more time on disappointing products.

That said, to this day I'd still very much like to watch the live action adaptation of Hoshi no Furu Machi ........if I'd ever find an English subbed version that is >_<

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10:24 pm, Jan 21 2017
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Live action adaptations of anime done by Hollywood generally fill me with the same dread I have of video game movie adaptations. Some of the japanese adaptations of manga like Cromartie Highschool or Battle Royale were alright though. Moyashimon, not so much.

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8:16 am, Jan 22 2017
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Quote from strawhat1987
I tend to watch if they are Japanese adaptation, Hollywood productions of anime/manga those I avoid like the plague

Ditto this.

Though I generally have lackluster feelings of live-action adaptations in general. Unless I'm enormously fond of the franchise, I tend not to watch them. And some things are just too, well, anime to see replaced with real people.

(I remember being legitimately surprised at how good the Ace Attorney live-action adaptation was. Takashi Miike, you truly are an amazingly versatile director.)

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6:22 pm, Jan 22 2017
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I may or may not look at them on my free time.
Last time I took a look at AOT Live Action Film only because it was on TV and nothing else better was happening. It was mediocre...meh.

P.S. I normally never watch TV form last few years. So, it was kinda rarest of rarest thing.

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4:07 pm, Jan 23 2017
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It actually helps a lot when you don't know the source material. Otherwise, you sit there noting every single deviation from the story and grumbling that "in the manga this was explained better".

Of the live actions I watched recently, I quite enjoyed "I Am a Hero" because I haven't read the manga, but when watching "Chihayafuru", even though I realized that the movie was very well made, I couldn't help but be annoyed about how much was cut out compared to the manga and the anime. Ditto for "Montage".

The main weakness of Japanese drama and other live actions though, is the terrible quality of acting. I don't know how that came about, but sometimes the performances make me cringe. Let's not point fingers at "Saki", as a recent example.

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4:26 pm, Jan 23 2017
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Quote from cmertb
It actually helps a lot when you don't know the source material.

Yeah, this right here. I thought later, after I'd made my first post, that in all fairness I'd began avoiding most any kind of "adaptation" long ago over just this point. In my case it began with novel/short story/whatever written form adapted to film, and I probably still apply that personal rule to this topic.

I think it's in large part just human nature, if you've seen/read/heard the "original"...... and in particular if you really liked it......I think it's hard to then give much of a fair shot to it being presented in a different form/format.

The earliest thing I remember for this was a big-screen adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Shining, which, done by Stanley Kubrick, was by all accounts an outstanding film.........yeah, hated it, it was just too different from the novel, avoided the scenario ever since biggrin

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4:26 pm, Jan 23 2017
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Nope, no way.
Keep those as far away from me as possible.

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12:59 am, Jan 24 2017
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Some of them are ok. Just depends on how "out of the ordinary" it was originally. I mean, Liar Game's adaption was pretty good, but then there's Death note... *shivers*


5:22 am, Jan 25 2017
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kdramas do a pretty good job on adapting webtoons and good mangas. Of course they change the storyline which is also a smart move because a strict adaptation that is loyal to the story line is likely to fail. The audiences are different not to mention the medium itself is completely different so one can't expect loyalty to the storyline. However when I disagree with choice of takes me a long time to actually motivate me to watch it. I'm currently having that issue with Cheese in the Trap. Han Hyo Joo would have been a great lead after seeing her work in W Two Worlds (not to mention Dong Yi).

I would love to see an adaptation of Kids on the Slope. That would be good I think.

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9:44 pm, Jan 25 2017
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I've never watched one, and I don't intend to, either. Well, I did seriously consider the adaptation of Fragile - Byourii Kishi Keiichirou no Shoken, but the female lead annoyed me so I gave up on it after seeing a preview. Pity the manga isn't being scanlated -- she's probably less insufferable there, and the plot reminds me of a Japanese version of House, which might be interesting.

The only Jdrama I've watched is the medical/mystery series Team Batista, which is based on a Japanese novel series (a proper one, not a light novel). I loved it, but I got the impression it's pretty one-of-a-kind, so I won't go searching for more of the sort. In fact, the movie adaptation of the first novel made the protagonist female (the original had two male leads), which is one of those repulsive-but-nevertheless-audience-grabbing things they do during the adaptation process that I despise; thank god the TV series was more faithful to the source.

Likewise, in the original light novel of Haruchika, one of the main plot points is that the two MC's (girl and boy, childhood friends) do not fall for each other, but are seriously competing for the attention of the same 3rd party. Of course, the live action which will be coming out later this year is going to change the entire thing into a romantic melodrama between the two of them roll eyes Once again, though, another medium came to the rescue, since its anime was pretty nice.

I've never watched a single Kdrama or anything Chinese, though. Do they even adapt manhwa/manhua into movies or TV series?

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6:10 pm, Jan 27 2017
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Going with dread isn´t far from the truth but I'd mostly avoid them has to be it.
The latest Rurouni Kenshin trilogy (it should have been a penology) was shockingly good, which brings me to the biggest problem here. The Japanese film industry itself went to shit around the turn of the millennium and good films are now rare. This obviously dooms any small comic adaptation even more and these films have little international appeal too. Japan´s life action tv scene was also always rubbish, so these can fuck off on principle alone. The "acclaimed" Korean City Hunter K-Drama is lame too, before anyone brings it up but that country gave me Oldboy (it has almost nothing to do with the manga).
So get Park Chan-wook, or the Chinese John Woo or... as these 2 countries still have a vibrant film scene and world class directors.

US adaptations are obviously the devil but there are good adaptation of Japanese books, as Edge of Tomorrow and Scorsese´s latest Silence. EoT is even a LN adaptation, so i can see the US market cracking the formula in the near future. GitS won´t be it, as the trailer and film clips 100% managed to kill any interest on my side.

In conclusion: WB has the rights to Akira and they have Zack "Watchmen" Snyder, so do something with it! Death Note by Netflix has a solid foundation too. It´s thus only a matter of time till the US "beats" Japan at the life action adaptation game, as only one film or show has to get it right and the door for serious projects will then immediately open.
If a 2nd generation Ant-man managed to get a good adaptation, then so can anyone!

PS: The CW just put out a good Archie adaptation (the original harem comic?), so it can´t be that hard. It Really Can´t. Shame on you, modern Japanese film industry...

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