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Clingy Shota Manga Recommendation

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6:14 pm, Feb 13 2017
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Hi guys ~ I'm looking for clingy shota manga recommendation. He (or they) have to be suuuuuuper cute >◇< since he is a shota. I want the shota to get clingy and attach to FEMALE protagonist. I like it better if she own a big oppai ( so he can bury his face in them smile wink grin ). It doesnt matter if she have small one but i want the kawaii shota-kun to get really possessive with her. I dont mind ecchi ( better not h manga ) but absolutely no harem ( imma reverse harem fan only), no yaoi, no shounen ai, no yuri or shoujo ai. I try search for it but all i got are mangas yaoi tag. Not all shotacon related to yaoi. My objective right now is search manga that have SHOTA CLINGY TO FEMALE LEAD. I'm appereciate if you guys can find manga like this. I love looooooove shota cuz im a shotacin cool . Peace yo! ~

Remember non of this tag include :
-shounen ai
-shoujo ai

I dont have anything against it. It just not my thing. Sometimes i watch yuri though. Hehehehehe ~~~~ The comedy one only ~~ smile wink grin

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7:36 pm, Feb 13 2017
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you would like something from oota saki, for example Yoru Made Matenai., Yappari Yoru made Matenai, and Itazura - Ijiwaru Tenshi. another good one is Dear Mine. i absolutely love Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte, an awesome read.

alas, not many straight shota thats not hentai out there. sigh.

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8:13 am, Feb 16 2017
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Ane Naru Mono it's slice of life ecchi manga with a hint of sadness, clingy but reliable shota protagonist, big breasted female protagonist (so the shota could bury his face on her boobs) and no harem (up to the latest chapter). What more could you ask for? laugh

Bitou Lollipop not excactly a shota, but well...

Shuto Heru historical manga set in the 13th century China at the time of Mongol invasion. Kind of shota male protagonist and has big breasted "female" protagonist. No ecchi and harem, but beware of blood and gore. biggrin

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4:40 pm, Aug 11 2017
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If you can read japanese then I suggest you read Yankee Shota To Otaku Oneesan here
- the otaku was the kid's first love

Next is this one Minus Ondo No Serenade
- this one is about the kid having a new sister but little does he know it's an "Oneesan" and he kinda fall in love with her. I uploaded the first chapter in batoto just in case you want to check it out. biggrin

For translated:
There's Peppermint
- the kid is very clingy and forceful. he likes to move on his own pace. quite funny and cute. laugh
Mikansei Lovers
- I don't know if he still fit for the shota but the kid is so persistent lmao I feel bad to the girl sometimes
Next is one of my faves! Bocchan to Osawagase Maid
- It's a one-shot though but it's filled with fluffiness, love, and sparkles! Ugh! Loveleyyy~❤

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1:25 pm, Aug 13 2017
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If you can read japanese I absolutely recommend you to read this bitter sweet manga called Watashi no Shounen (TAKANO Hitomi)

And fantasy romance webtoon Kubera but the story is quite complicated.

And Merupuri the male lead is quite clingy.

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