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School and surrealism title by the author of my neighbor seki

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4:04 pm, Aug 6 2017
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Argh! I read this great comic by the same guy who wrote my neighbor seki, and I can't find it.

It's a three word title. The first is Japanese and long as starts with a J, and ends with an exclamation.
The second or third is school.

Overall its something like J----! My average school.

The cover has some kids at desks, theres also a deer at one of the desks.

The plot of it is about different characters, one of them is a robot with a wind-up thing on her back.

It's published in english too, but I don't know why I cant find it. Hopefully someone will help me out!

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4:39 pm, Aug 6 2017
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That's Nichijou, and it's by a different author than the Seki guy. Vertical is publishing it in English.

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7:06 pm, Aug 6 2017
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Thank you! I don't know how I was mistaken.

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