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Your Favorite Grim Reaper

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Post #468645 - Reply to (#258287) by oneredpanda
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10:46 pm, May 13 2011
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Quote from oneredpanda
I second Death from Discworld. Why?


I third this. I love it when Death appears in Discworld. Absolutely hilarious!

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Post #468651 - Reply to (#258053) by maxcrazy7

11:01 pm, May 13 2011
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Quote from maxcrazy7
I have to new favorite Grell SutcIiff from Kuroshitsuji!!!! Death wears red! Grell cracks me up both in the anime and manga.

i agree!! i would also add death the kid from soul eater cause he is simmetry freak and william spears from kuroshitsuji cause he has glasses and looks tidy while kicking ass

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3:02 am, May 17 2011
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3:24 am, May 17 2011
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Completely agree with
1) Grell Sutcliffe from Kuroshitsuji - he loves red, completely hiliarious and out there personality, loves Sebastian (and who doesn't love him), and his weapon of choice is a chainsaw (and when he doesn't have that he has those little scissors lol)
2) Death the Kid from Soul Eater - OBSESSIVE symmetry

and i am adding
3) Takuto from Full Moon wo Sagashite - had to throw in a shoujo character

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4:38 am, May 17 2011
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Haven't really read many manga w/ shinigami characters, so...
Byakuya from Bleach (But I kinda like all the Shinigami, 'cept for a couple)
and Botan from YuYu Hakusho
Rinne from Kyokai no Rinne...gotta love a poor Shinigami w/ a huge debt and his grandma is funny too!

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10:27 am, Jun 22 2015
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Here's my list of favorite shinigamis, in no particular order:

Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji, because red is a very fitting colour for death gods/reapers and Grell wears it so good! His love delusions are also hilarious and you can't forget Toboso-sensei's breathtaking art with an amasing sence for details!

Zarame from ZOMBIE-LOAN, I love the relationship between him and Michiru! It's so cute how she's one of the few persons who understands him in his chibi form, which by the way, is adorable!

And adding to the list:
Ai from Sarashi Asobi, because it's such a beautiful and touching story about a shinigami and how his view of people changes as he gets close to a girl. I also like the drawing style of this manga!

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12:55 pm, Jun 22 2015
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Fourthed (?) Death from Discworld, cuz' he takes vacations, sharpens his scythe on sunlight and cuts sound... And he has a granddaughter... I STILL wonder how that happened. none

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