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8:01 pm, Jan 30 2017
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i read this manga along time ago where the art art style was a classic romance with big glittery eyes and classic wavy hair. the story from what i can remember is a chubby rich girl gets a tutor and she has a big crush on him (stuff happens idr but he turns out to be an asshole) she then trys to get revenge on him by becoming hot a loosing weight. years pass and she finds the asshole tutor and hes fucking blind and she ends up falling in love with him again. i cant for the life of me remeber this fucking manga and ive been looking everywhere!!!!!!! please some help me i need this shitty manga back into my life


11:48 pm, Jan 30 2017
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Remind me of Silver(fujita kazuko) but I don't think the tutor was the bad guy...

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2:16 am, Jan 31 2017
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Yes, its Silver (FUJITA Kazuko)

The tutor isn't the bad guy, he's actually the main love interest. Charles is the one the main character had a crush he's her cousin. Basically he wanted her for her heritage and money, later she pretends to commit suicide and then loses weight so that she can get her revenge. Then she meets the tutor aka, Jake Fitton again and he helps her with her plan. However, they both fall in love with each other. Jake was already in love with her since she was young but since he's blind he doesn't find out its her to later on. Sound spot on?

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5:34 am, Jan 31 2017
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thanks so much and your totally right he wasnt the bad guy! thanks for saving my life lol

thanks so much even with my bad distribution you found it!!

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