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Shoujoai research

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2:34 am, Nov 6 2015
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I'm researching a shoujoai manga where a girl who loves tending to plants meets the female track star of her school. The trackstar has already had girlfriends and they are still in High school.The garden girl is blond whereas the second has short black hair. It was a very cute manga.

Please help me find it ;^;

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10:30 am, Nov 6 2015
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I don't read shoujo-ai or yuri so I'm not sure. I just played with the tags a bit and here's what I found...something related to plants and track field
Asagao to Kase-san.
I hope that it's the one......and yeah, the art does look cute.

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Nice desu ne

5:00 pm, Nov 14 2015
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That's definitely Morning glory and Kase-san, which is ongoing. The magazine it ran in was cancelled, but the artist Takashima Hiromi continues it online and through doujin releases. A staple of cute.

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