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New Poll - IKEA

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11:11 pm, Oct 26 2022
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In my area I've always heard (and used) "Ai-kee-yah"

Of course, this might have to do with how different people distinguish sounds. (Even two individuals speaking the same form of their language may do this differently; individual variation isn't limited to biology.)

And none of these are the proper Swedish pronunciation, but unless you actually know something of the language, how many people actually bother with that? Much less, while speaking a language other than Swedish?

(From what I do know of Germanic languages other than English, when written with the Roman alphabet, that "e" is pronounced roughly the way it is in Romaji, or like "é" in French and in English — e.g. "café." I'm not sure which "a" sound is intended, however —is it more like apple or acorn? It's almost certainly not one of English's many schwas, although that's what most English-speakers tend to use. I'm even more clueless about the "I." According to Wikipedia, the proper pronounciation is [ɪˈkêːa], but I can't read IPA.)

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8:18 pm, Oct 27 2022
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Fun poll. I'm pretty sure the way it's supposed to be pronounced eh-keh-ah.

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