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what are the most realistic manga in terms of characters?

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4:28 pm, Apr 22 2019
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what are the most realistic manga in terms of characters you ever read?

now whether the story it self is realistic or not doesn't really matter. the story could be space monkeys fighting a banana overlord and still be ok.

for example to get you to what i mean by "realistic":

in terms of characters, monster is more realistic than naruto. both are not exactly realistic, but when you compare them you can say one is more realistic. everything is relative. the most realistic manga in terms of characters telling doesn't have to be exactly realistic, it just have to be the most realistic one compared to whatever you have read or in your experience or your manga journey.

you can ask more in case you are not sure

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3:52 am, Apr 23 2019
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Well if you go looking for realism every genre have its stars, if you take sci-fi I would always go for Patlabor instead of Gundam (pick one of the hundreds copy-paste series) in terms of realism. In short if characters behave like actual human beings instead of walking clichés the manga gains realism points for me. If you want shounen specifically World trigger is more realistic then most of the other series, shoujo it is hard to say this genre relies on clichés even more than shounen and rarely you can find even one character that is not walking stereotype, Lovely complex is relatively fine.

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12:13 pm, Apr 23 2019
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What you've described is exactly what I've always looked for in all my 12 years of anime reading. Here are the begining items on my list of manga in which I found character realism:

Ai Ren
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Sasameki Koto
Strawberry 100%
10, 20, and 30
51 Ways to Protect My Girlfriend

almost anything by TOUME Kei.

And another one, recently translated.


I have a lot more.

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10:24 am, Apr 30 2019
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I am a bit confused. Are you looking for realistic and rich characters? Or do they only have to make sense, while doing something extraordinary? Are you looking for Charakters, that wouldn´t fall for over-obvious schemes in the story?

Any Genre okay? Favorites?

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