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Shoujo/Josei involving a married couple

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9:45 pm, Jul 31 2022
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Hi everyone! I am interested in reading mangas involving a married couple that are going through their ups and downs or misunderstands. Any recommendations?


3:30 am, Aug 1 2022
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I recommend this :
Holiday Love
Hapi Mari
Soredemo Ai wo Chikaimasu ka?
Anata ga Shite Kurenakute mo. This one is seinen but so good even for shoujo/josei lover like me.

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10:07 pm, Aug 8 2022
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Thank you!

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1:06 am, Aug 9 2022
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The couple in Bread & Butter is not yet married, but this manga deals with some marriage-related problems and makes you think about marriage. You can check it out.

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Mr. Brightside

6:45 am, Aug 11 2022
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Marry Me!

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12:36 am, Aug 12 2022
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The Full-Time Wife Escapist

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