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Title changes on MU?

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11:11 pm, Sep 27 2021
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I've seen quite a few titles being changed mid-scanlation, as in it will have Title A until chapter 20 and then suddenly its changed to Title B.

Some I understand, like if the title it was originally given was not accurate enough, but other instances confuse me. I have mostly seen this with Korean titles, originally posted in English but then suddenly changed to romanized Korean. I understand this somewhat, as most every manga uses romanized Japanese, and it's better to follow the same title rules across the board despite romanized Korean not having a definitive standard for spelling.

But what about stuff like Gourmet Gaming which used to be titled "Leveling Up, By Only Eating!" and is mostly recognized by the original title? The original Korean title translates loosely to the "Leveling..." title as well, so it's not a matter of improper translation, so why alter it? I suppose maybe for the English license? But to me it's not a change that fits this website, we are primarily here for scanlation information of the source material, not for English copyright details. Western companies usually change things like titles and character names, unlike scanlators, so we should focus on the most accurate translation of the source material instead.

And that question applies to other titles that are changed, leaving the readers confused mid-story. Are they being changed to reflect the English license, fix translation errors, abide by a MU format rule or some other reason?

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12:03 am, Sep 28 2021
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The series' main title for Korean and Chinese series will in almost all cases be changed to the official English title once licensed. The title of the release entries will continue to be whatever they originally were

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7:50 pm, Feb 15 2023
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Why are the Korean and Chinese titles changed to the official English title once licensed while the Japanese ones get changed to the romanization instead of the official English title? The wild thing is Korean and Chinese have way more consistent romanizations than Japanese does, so why aren't Japanese titles treated the same way as the Korean/Chinese ones? Doesn't make sense to me.

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