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Big Bucks

2:17 pm, Oct 9 2014
Posts: 208

3D or 2D Animations created for which nation you'd mostly pay for?
- Americanized Animation
- Canadian Animation
- Australian Animation
- European Animation
- Japanese Animation
- Chinese Animation
- Korean Animation
- French Animation
- African Animation
- other nations

I said created for instead of made by because there are many companies located in different nations that animate certain series for a particular nation. Believe it or not, many Korean & Japanese animation companies help handle many 2D-animated series in other countries.

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Post #653996 - Reply to (#622672) by 狂気
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12:37 am, Oct 11 2014
Posts: 10691

Quote from 狂気
Quote from PinkShippuden
Which did you start first?
~ Anime
~ Manga
~ (Asian) Light Novels
~ Visual Novels

Sorry if someone else has already suggested this... roll

Just "Light novels", drop the "(Asian)". Light novel is a Japanese thing. I'd also a few. Something like this seems good.

- Anime
- Manga
- Light novels
- Visual novels
- Japanese RPG
- Other Japanese video games
- Something else, specify

But yeah, a good suggestion if it hasn't been done yet.

Nice one

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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Big Bucks

3:37 pm, Oct 12 2014
Posts: 208

List of two questions:

1. Hollywood Studio you'd mostly prefer to adapt your favorite anime/manga series in any movie format for theaters?

Shorter Question:
Hollywood Studio to adapt your favorite manga series in any movie format for theaters?
- SONY (Columbia Pictures)
- News Corporation (20th Century FOX)
- VIACOM (Paramount, MTV, Nickelodeon)
- Lions Gate (Summit Entertainment)
- Walt Disney (Marvel Studios, Pixar)
- DreamWorks (DreamWorks Animation)
- Warner Bros. (DC Entertainment, HBO)
- Comcast (Universal Pictures, NBC)
- Prefer only independent studios
- other


2. Why did the Yaoi genre (Homoerotic Male's Love) become to be?
- Because Humanity is Perverse
- Because Females are delusional
- Because Rules are meant to be broken
- Because of Female Content Creators
- Because Bishis (Pretty/Sexy Men) exist
- Because Futanari (girls with dicks) wasn't enough
- Because Shoujo/Josie wasn't enough
- Because Yuri/Hentai exists
- Because some Females wish they were Males
- Because "special" Males demanded it
- other

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12:07 am, Oct 15 2014
Posts: 53

How much does art matter in a manga?

- Most important aspect
- quite important
- it's about even with the story and characters
- not as important as story and character
- doesn't matter at all

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Seinen is RIGHT

12:53 pm, Oct 15 2014
Posts: 2411

Worst type of ending (Naruto is comming)

-A renumbering thing (Tokyo Ghoul / US books)
-Author died and his relatives continue it (e.g. Dune)
-Broke the world-rules for a happy ending
-Depressing ending out of nowhere
-Ending was spoiled by the news months in advance (Superheroes)
-Harem ending
-Multiple endings at once
-Not recognisable anymore for years
-Restarts after an end point.

to name a few.
Edit: Naruto went and came back so i added one option.

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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Post #654427 - Reply to (#625445) by godlover
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12:52 pm, Oct 18 2014
Posts: 10691

Quote from godlover
which operating system you use for main use(only for desktop,not about servers)

1.Linux 2.mac 4.other 5.combination of above
It will be interesting to find what mu users use.
I use linux for desktop though.(debian wheezy)


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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Big Bucks

5:23 pm, Oct 18 2014
Posts: 208

Another list of two questions:

1. If you're an assistant for your favorite manga-artist, what you'd love most about the job?
- Getting paid
- Touching the Mangaka
- Being one of THE FIRST to see the chapter
- Witnessing the Mangaka at work
- Seeing the Mangaka's face
- Breathing in the same airspace as the Mangaka
- Having the Mangaka's phone-number
- Talking with the Mangaka about his manga
- Knowing the Mangaka on a personal level
- Being the Mangaka's idea bank
- Adding/Refining drawing details
- Cleaning artwork going out of panels
- Being listed in the credits for a manga volume
- Gaining experience as an artist
- other


2. A Genius Manga you loved earned you a free ticket for a Ph.D, which Degree would you accept?
- Doctor of Business Administration
- Doctor of Canon Law
- Doctor of Chiropractic
- Doctor of Commerce
- Doctor of Dental Surgery
- Doctor of Divinity
- Doctor of Education
- Doctor of Engineering
- Doctor of Health Administration
- Doctor of Health Science
- Doctor of Juridical Science; Juris Doctor
- Doctor of Law; Legum Doctor
- Doctor of Liberal Studies
- Doctor of Management
- Doctor of Medicine
- Doctor of Ministry
- Doctor of Musical Arts
- Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
- Doctor of Optometry
- Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
- Doctor of Pharmacy
- Doctor of Philosophy
- Doctor of Public Administration
- Doctor of Science
- Doctor of Theology
- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
- Doctor of ALL THINGS
- Doctor of NOTHING

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Post #654843 - Reply to (#627119) by ListeningDaisy
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10:51 am, Oct 25 2014
Posts: 10691

Quote from ListeningDaisy
When was the last time you read a (non-manga and paper) book?

- For school
- I'm a bookworm!
- What's a book?
- Maybe a few weeks... a few months ago confused
- Right now!

Sorta like this, but not quite...

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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2:28 am, Oct 30 2014
Posts: 218

Taking into account that Naruto is ending next week (two last chapter published together) i think we should have poll connected to Naruto. Many won't agree but it is really important manga which helped to promote manga as all through entire world.

So i would suggest something like this:

What are your feelings about Naruto now that it ended?:
-loved it from beginning to ending,
-it was hard love but i stayed with it until the end,
-i loved some parts and other just liked,
-there were good moments but bad sadly too,
-beginning was good, later it went downhill,
-i didnt like it but i appreciate it for how much it helped to promote manga worldwide,
-i didnt like it. That's all,
-I hated it,
-I didn't care when it was ongoing and i didn't change my mind after it finished.

I think its more or less good options but of course feel free to change and add any great ideas.

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Seinen is RIGHT

7:07 am, Oct 30 2014
Posts: 2411

Can we wait for the movie? It look cannon as of now. An option could be if you only liked part 1 or 2. Or if you never read it and want to try now. I hope Kishimoto enjoys his honeymoon. He only delayed it by a decade...

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
Manga-Masters, My ANN-Lists + Imdb
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Post #655263 - Reply to (#627663) by kitty1826x
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12:45 pm, Nov 1 2014
Posts: 10691

Quote from kitty1826x
Suggestion six (I'm really just numbering my suggestions for me >.>)

How do you feel about unrealistic manga?
- Love it, they crazier it is the better
- Like it, only if it doesn't get too unrealistic
- Indifference, I only care if the story is good
- Dislike, if need be very little has to be realistic
- Hate it, I enjoy reading realistic manga.


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #655528
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Blue Princess

11:58 am, Nov 5 2014
Posts: 118

You've become a Trillion-aire, what would you do with your hard earned money?
- Buy this website (
- Buy the rights of all your favorite manga/anime series
- Create a website that completely overpowers Crunchyroll
- Create a successful anime/manga themed restaurant
- Create a Manga/Anime Entertainment Studio
- Create a Manga Publication Company for local artists
- Hire an assassin to threaten the life of a certain Mangaka
- Hire all your favorite manga artists to work for you
- Hire a Surgeon to reconstruct your lover into a sexy manga character.
- Give half of your wealth to all your favorite Mangaka
- Finally buy all the manga/anime you've enjoyed on free online sites.
- Donating millions of manga series to schools all around the world.
- Bribe the legal governments into creating an official Manga Holiday.
- Otaku by day, Manga Vigilante by night.
- all of the above
- other
- Do Nothing Manga Related

Post #655739 - Reply to (#627951) by BaeSooky
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10:58 pm, Nov 7 2014
Posts: 10691

Quote from BaeSooky
Do you use any manga-related apps on your phone/handheld device, if so for what purpose?

Yes, for manga reading.
Yes, for downloading and storage.
Yes, but only for information purposes (series/author info, tracking, releases, etc)
No, I don't use any manga-related apps.

Or just a simple yes or no. \o/


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #655751

12:31 am, Nov 8 2014
Posts: 16

How do you read manga?

Physical Copy
Smart Phone

Maybe add online and offline options to the poll ?

Post #655771
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4:21 am, Nov 8 2014
Posts: 8


this is something thats been bugging me for a while now, so here goes:

A manga you are reading suddenly has several missing chapters/volumes before releases continue for it. What do you do?
- stop reading the manga, with the hope missing chapters will appear someday
- skip the missing chapters and just continue reading
- try to find an anime to bridge the missing chapters
- try to find raws, chapter synopses or anything else to find out how the story goes on

Feel free to edit everything for better understanding or add answers to further diversify them or if you have other good ideas. Hopefully it goes through.

I'm the type that just stops reading and then waits, btw.

Probably also interesting for scanlation groups, should they decide to skip a few chapters/volumes for whatever reason, to see how much readership they'll statistically lose.

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