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11:29 pm, May 3 2021
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Since we are getting dark with these: if the person you care about most did something that would land them on death row would you rather they escape or be killed for their crime.


If you don't believe in the death penalty would you rather the people on death row face NO punishment and be released or have them be killed?

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10:56 pm, May 6 2021
Posts: 162

Kind of a dark one but:

Do you think that if a pharmaceutical company found the cure for cancer they would hide it or release it?

-hide it, there’s more money to be made treating a disease than curing it

-release it, it’s the holy grail of medicine so there’s no way they would hide it

Post #790406 - Reply to (#788916) by Yask
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10:55 pm, May 8 2021
Posts: 10378

Quote from Yask
Have you been reading more manga during COVID-19?

-Same as before


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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7:34 am, May 9 2021
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Would you drop a series if the author gets involved in an inexcusable controversy?

-Yes, it would affect my reading experience.
-No, I don't care about an author's personal life.

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5:10 pm, May 13 2021
Posts: 162

More news has been popping up about commercial space travel so i thought of this:

If u could go on a trip to space right now, 100% free and safe, would you?


Post #790545 - Reply to (#790414) by Lisj
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6:00 pm, May 13 2021
Posts: 412

Quote from Lisj
Would you drop a series if the author gets involved in an inexcusable controversy?

We had that poll a few years ago, after the Rurouni Kenshin author was arrested. If you check its results in the old polls, you'll see 43.8% went with makes no difference, with the rest split among the three variations on how it'd affect their view of the author's works.

Post #790595 - Reply to (#788936) by Baltha
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4:04 pm, May 15 2021
Posts: 10378

Quote from Baltha
Assume that in 'reality', you're lying in a coma. Everything you experience(d) in your life is(was) just made up by your brain.

Do you want to wake up?
- Yes
- No

As an addition, the dreams you're having might be some kind of reflection of the world outside of the coma. Would probably make the question too long, though.


A just ruler amongst tyrants

6:08 pm, May 16 2021
Posts: 6

Would you replace the games you love playing with an Anime style (Code Vein) over the hyper realistic style (Detroit Become Human) currently popular nowadays

- Yes
- No

What is the most hated trope in Hentai/Manga

- Netorare/Netori
- Harem
- Incest
- Isekai
- Yaoi
- Yuri

If you read Manga do you read Hentai or if you read Hentai do you read Manga?

- Read Manga and Hentai
- Dont read either
- Read Manga not Hentai
- Read Hentai not Manga

Q4 (Personal favorite Question)
Do you like Chicken Nuggets in different shapes or are they all the same in your heart?

- Dont like Chicken Nuggets
- Love Chicken Nuggets any shape or form
- Like shaped Chicken Nuggets
- Dont like shaped Chicken Nuggets


7:12 pm, May 17 2021
Posts: 1

If you were given the chance to live in another world, how would you like to enter it?

You've been given the chance to live in a different world of your choosing. What sort of alternate world trope/subgenre would you prefer?
-Slice of Life
-Literary (villainess/etc)
-Management/Town Building
-Sci-fi world, please!

If only one time of day existed for you, forever, which would you want it to be?

yeah I know my ideas aren't amazing, I just wanted to try throwing stuff out there.

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9:32 pm, May 17 2021
Posts: 315

Given the success of the Demon Slayer movie, at least in the USA:

Would you go to a movie theatre to see an anime movie?
- Yes, I have gone many times in the past
- Yes, but only at an anime convention/movie festival
- No, I don't watch anime movies
- No, not in person. I'll wait for it to be released/put online

I don't mean live-action adaptions, but stuff like the pokemon movie, yu-gi-oh movie, etc.
Add more options if you think of any.

Edit: Removed Ghibli movies. I now intend to just mean anime movies where the movie is a sequel, side story, prequel, etc of the original manga/anime.

Last edited by Karonhioktha at 9:05 pm, May 28 2021

Post #790816 - Reply to (#788985) by jacob66
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3:50 pm, May 22 2021
Posts: 10378

Quote from jacob66
Do you like or dislike storytelling where the chapter/scene starts in the middle of an event and then rewinds to show what led up to it?

-Like it

-Hate it



A just ruler amongst tyrants
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3:52 pm, May 23 2021
Posts: 84

How do you prefer reading manga online?
- Page by page (like a book)
- Vertically, with spaced out panels
- No preference

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4:57 pm, May 25 2021
Posts: 162

T-minus 24 hours until the zombie apocalypse and the complete breakdown of society. What store do you rush to first to stock up? (No gun stores due to waiting periods)

-Grocery store

-Hardware store


-Farm supply store


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5:19 pm, May 25 2021
Posts: 162

You find yourself homeless and $5,000,000 richer because *insert plot here* Do you move into a new house right away no stress no mess or take the time and energy to build your dream house.

-prebuilt house

-dream house



12:53 pm, May 28 2021
Posts: 212

Preferred reading mode:
* Display one page at a time, click to go to next page
* Display two pages at a time, click to go to next pages
* Display all pages at once in vertical scrolling fashion (like webcomics)
* Other?

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