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Post #793317 - Reply to (#791290) by Transdude1996
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5:28 pm, Oct 23 2021
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Quote from Transdude1996
Simple poll about the preferences of material age:
>I focus primarily on consuming the latest media that comes out
>I focus primarily on consuming media that is still "recent" but not too old
>I focus primarily on consuming older media

Please find a better way to word it.


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Post #793408
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6:27 pm, Oct 30 2021
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Let’s say you’re given the chance to stop one manor tragedy from the past(holocaust, 9/11, etc). Would u?

Yes, it is my moral obligation to stop human suffering as much as possible

No, there is no telling what kind of ripple effect it would have, maybe even causing something worse


11:38 pm, Nov 5 2021
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After death, you'd like:

To relive the same life and make different decisions
To relive the same life and make the same decisions
To be reborn as a different person of the same sex
To be reborn as a different person of the opposite sex
To be reborn as an animal
To have death be the end

Post #793503 - Reply to (#791299) by FeaRimbor
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12:54 pm, Nov 6 2021
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Quote from FeaRimbor
Being blind, or being deaf which one would you rather?


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Seinen is RIGHT

4:17 pm, Nov 6 2021
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The SnyderCut lead to multiple recuts following in its wake (Godfather 3, Rocky IV) and directors or fans asking for support to see such projects realized. The AyerCut of Suicide Squad 2016 is the major player here but Thor 2 and Spider-man 3 + Amazing Spider-man 1 & 2 also gained interest. The idea of "definitive" new cuts is of course older with Blade Runner, Metropolis, Once Upon a Time in America and multiple James Cameron films as prime examples. Comics & games also have equivalents to this. Games that need to be retooled after release are frankly an issue today.
(There are also demands to remake stuff like The Last Jedi which is something else altogether.)

Have you ever supported a New/Definitive Version of an already released product?
I participated in a (fan) campaign
I only try such releases out after they are released
Leave the past alone!

Edit: Got another one for the last week of November after Cowboy Bebop 2021 freshly launched. Alita 2019 and GitS 2017 also released after equally long development times. Non-Japanese Live-Action adaptations of anime & manga are on the rise and keep being optioned more often. How does that make you feel?

Non-Japanese Live-Action adaptations on average
Finally got good
Are almost respectable
Very slowly improve
Still suck

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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1:05 am, Nov 9 2021
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Does fiction works affect/influence reality?
1. Yes, because the contents in it influence how people see reality
2. Yes, because fiction represents reality
3. Yes, because the existence of fiction works are reality
4. No, because anything that happened fictionally is not reality/realistic
5. No, because of factors in the real world (law, religion, society) are keeping people from being influenced
6. Depends on the type of "fiction".

idiot me didnt know latvia, my pseudonym, is a country..
Post #793568
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8:13 pm, Nov 9 2021
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You have the chance to stop time once for as long as you want. You can do whatever you want while time is stopped but what do you do first?

-something funny (pranks)

-something greedy (stealing gold, money, etc.)

-something philanthropic (money to the needy, kill terrorists, etc)

-something for self improvement (learning a skill, working out, etc.)

-something erotic (have sex, grope people, etc.)

-something spiteful (take revenge on an enemy)


Post #793614
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4:07 pm, Nov 12 2021
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How do you like your coffee?
- black
- espresso
- latte
- cappuccino
- americano
- macchiato
- mocha
- I don't drink coffee

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Post #793708
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9:16 pm, Nov 17 2021
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Do you think polygamy (not cheating, all parties know and are okay with being married to each other) is wrong?

Post #793744 - Reply to (#791367) by jacob66
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2:39 pm, Nov 20 2021
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Quote from jacob66
If you could rule the world completely and totally (instantaneous, no death or costs); would you?

Yes, i could make the world so much better

No, that would be way to much work/pressure


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11:09 pm, Nov 22 2021
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---> which one would you rank 1st : manhua/manhwa/manga

---> do you think mangas are misjudged/misunderstood in nowadays western countries ?

---> which decade atmosphere do you like most : 70s/80s/90s (60s/50s...2000s... ...)

---> Do you think passions lift you up/make you stronger or consume/destroy you ?

Please, feel free to rephrase/reword !


Post #793825
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10:07 pm, Nov 23 2021
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So i saw this video:
And it seems like living an inhumanly long life will be possible soon so i thought of this:

Off the top of your head if your body and mind didn’t deteriorate how long would you want to live?

-100 years

-150 years

-200 years

-until life gets boring


Post #793895 - Reply to (#791415) by oddlyy
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12:05 am, Nov 28 2021
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Quote from oddlyy
I feel like the polls haven't been meta enough recently.

What's your favourite poll?

- Election polls
- The North Pole
- Pole dancing
- Poland
- Baka-updates polls


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Post #793896
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12:06 am, Nov 28 2021
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wow what lucky timing! I've never been the first to answer a poll before

Post #793904
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5:34 am, Nov 28 2021
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Think of your favourite manga. You want to be...
- the main character
- the MC's love interest
- best friends with the MC
- the MC's teacher/mentor
- a side character
- the MC's rival
- the/an enemy in the story
- a side-kick animal character
- the narrator

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