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psycho obsessed villain

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3:53 pm, Dec 31 2016
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I want a character who is SERIOUSLY messed up.
Now I don't mean "tough looking guy but really sweet on the inside", I mean psychotic, obsessive, murderer, delirious type of messed up.
I'd like him to be the villain, and to be REALLY obsessed with the heroine, like super stalker, and really possesive too. It would be GREAT if he was in love with her, but not needed as long as he's super possessive and creepy.
The heroine can be oblivious about his feelings, or know about them, I don't care, as long as he IS the main villain, or one who shows up a lot, and the girl ISN'T just a side character.
Can the heroine be really strong too, with her own goals and ambitions, and also, I know this is going to sound weird, have FRIENDS. I am SICK of reading mangas with a sweet, shy, poor little heroine who can't even stand up for herself, and is super lonely, wishing for a man.
I know this was REALLY specific, but please help.
Also happy new year biggrin

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1:26 pm, Jan 1 2017
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Quote from cookiemonsterzelda
I am SICK of reading mangas with a sweet, shy, poor little heroine who can't even stand up for herself, and is super lonely, wishing for a man.

I don't exactly have a recommendation for you on this type of villain, because the stories I read with that type of villain, generally involves a psychotic villain versus a guy protag.

However, if you're sick of reading manga that has a weak heroine, I think you need to broaden your reading horizons a little more. ^__^ There are a lot of shoujo and josei manga/webtoons with strong female protags, who don't wish for a guy or who can pretty much stand up for herself.

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9:47 am, Jun 23 2019
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Hi, I just wanted to drop in and recommend Vampire Sphere. There's a group of triplets, and one of the girls is smart, kind, and competent. However, because of her kindness she gets kidnapped by the leader of vampires, and leads to a complicated romance.

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2:02 pm, Jun 23 2019
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Not a manga, but Bayonetta is the closest I can think of. Unfortunately, you're options are to either to watch the anime or play the games.

As far as manga with that premise, nothing comes to mind except, perhaps, Alabaster (But Ami is easily manipulated throughout the story) and Elfen Lied (Which is a rollercoaster in every way due to the way the plot is setup and how it progresses). Everything else, that I know of, involves the "yandere villain" being a female who obsesses over the protagonist (Both male and female, although I haven't read all that many yandere yuri stories, except Happy End For You).

Also, like tgirl said, you really need to get out more because there are LOADS of stories out there with assertive female protagonists. Just hit up the Male Demographic with Female Lead category.

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7:54 pm, Jun 24 2019
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I think that Dokuhime may fit, but it’s been awhile since I’ve read it... it should contain cray cray and obsessive behaviour towards the female lead though.

Hadashi de Bara o Fume is another possibility. I didn’t care for this one personally and don’t remember much about the FL, but she does have the ‘strong female lead’ tag.


12:44 am, Aug 9 2019
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Collide as the plot progresses, the villain kills people she cares about and threatens her if she doesn’t go to him


1:35 pm, Aug 11 2019
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''it's mine'', a korean webtoon fits perfectly what you are searching for.

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