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Help in Manhwa

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3:02 pm, Feb 3 2023
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There is a manhwa I want to know the name it , its about ;

a woman who was betrayed by either her brother or fiance and she was banished from the capital and family to a cold place as afedual lord to manage it. While shes on a journey a beast attacks her someone and young wild boy helps her. When she finds the boy, shes takes him in and raises him to be a stong knight. The place she lives in now is very cold and desolute , and very poor. One of her childhood friends comes to her and help her to raise the boy and he is sixteen years old but very short because of malnourishment. She will raise him to revenge the people who betrayed her. She is reincanator.

Thank you

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1:09 am, Feb 5 2023
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I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog

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