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Anti hero/ lovable villains

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4:41 pm, Feb 16 2015
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I don't care if they are evil, so long as they have a tragic past, or a lovable side to them that you just can't help but adore.

Sort of like code geass
Or maybe dendrobates
Or akumetsu

Or any manga where you love the villain.
Like the one about the lizard knight? (What was that one called?!!)

Anyways, I'm a girl, so I enjoy hot guys and good art, please don't list any with poor art, unless the have a story that is totally worth it!

Thanks so much guys!

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5:49 pm, Feb 16 2015
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Teppu? but there're no handsome guy though.

(+'.'+) <(Kufufufu~)
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8:46 am, Feb 17 2015
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Magical Change

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11:19 am, Feb 17 2015
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (Novel) or the manga version Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Note that the most translated version is the web novel version. The light novel adaptation differs from the original web novel (no one appears to be translating the light novel) and the manga follows the light novel rather than the web novel (though the manga only started recently so there is only a handful of chapters out).

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1:57 pm, Feb 17 2015
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Anti-hero + hot guys ? X

Other than that, maybe :
Kyokou no Ou
Zetman (can't remember if the MC is handsome or not but the art is definitely great)

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4:15 pm, Feb 17 2015
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Thanks I've actually read some of zte man, and I'd say the mc isn't too bad. Really appreciate your comments!

Started reading this and loved it! Now I just have to find the web Noval!

Sounds pretty hilarious

Not to huge on tough girl mcs, but I'll check it out

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