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Do you procrastinate alot?

Do you procrastinate on your homework?
Always do it right away
Do a little bit every day
Wait 'til 2-3 days before due date
Wait 'til the last day
Wait 'til the last hours
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12:02 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 4917

Still putting things off.

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12:44 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 910

Unfortunately yes. I'm becoming worse too. Actually, I'm going to try to improve since it's not a good thing bigrazz


12:46 pm, Mar 9 2010
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I'm here arent I?

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1:49 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 3

Procrastinate...? I'll tell you later... *yawn*

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2:45 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 310

I'm pretty good with getting my work done early. I never leave anything for the last day unless I'm sure it will take me under an hour

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2:56 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 25

Much more then i should. I can't help it though. I get distracted too easily. biggrin

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Form is Emptiness.

3:32 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 930

Procrastinate? How do you know my second name? Explain! sad
Stalker-san maybe? eek

Even if im no more in school, I feel it can be applied to everyday occurrences :3

Anyway when i was in school i was like "wait until last hours" (or even minutes) XD

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Oh, thanks. Too much D&D.
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4:01 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 79

What else would I be doing on here?
Usually I invent new projects to procrastinate..... then I end up procrastinating on those............ Basically, by the time I get one thing done I've at least 3 other things. Maybe we can call it "multi-tasking", it sounds better.

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4:09 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 60

I usually do it for big projects the night before but for just regular homework, the 15 minute breack or the period before its due...

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4:39 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 23

YES... sadly.... On big projects and normal homework. I really need to do something about this habit....

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5:17 pm, Mar 9 2010
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Lol..Still and always am...I couldn't resist of being the last minutes things, precisely the last today I already overdue the report about a week i care, this is my natural habit... laugh

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Not Very Tasty

5:37 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 117

Procrastinating? yep, doing that right now.
how about, I work best under pressure? or I only work when under pressure...

Doing nothing is very hard to do. You never know when you're done.

5:48 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 2

Yes, that is how i ended up here.
I really should start my homework.

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6:23 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 874

I am Procrastination smile none sad

No one gives a shit what trite garbage you write here.
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6:39 pm, Mar 9 2010
Posts: 1762


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