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Recs for social revenge/destruction

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2:11 pm, Jan 21 2023
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Looking for revenge type of stories, but not the "I'll kill you" kinda revenge, more like ruining their lives on a social standpoint.

Some examples of some I've read/am reading:

The Aftermath- Probably my best example of what I'm looking for. Using the media to ruin one another's social standings and a mental game of wits.

Marry My Husband- MC goes back in time and uses her knowledge of the future to ruin the 2 people who contributed to her demise in the original timeline.

Pyramid Game- MC using her wits to expose the corruption and bullying within her class and take down the perpetrators against all odds. Little bit looser example of what I'm looking for, as the social ruin aspect was more just a side effect than what MC was actually going for, but it fits

A Wife's Sweet Revenge- After being tricked out of donating her kidney, MC basically steals all the men of the women involved and gets them to cheat with her lol. This one's the loosest example of what I'm looking for, but still fits the vibe I suppose. It would be a better example if she did more than just ruin their relationship but their reputations as a whole, but I'll take it lol.

You might note that theyre all manhwa, but I don't care about that. It can be of any origin. Also doesn't inherently need to be a romantic element to it either.

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9:14 pm, Jan 21 2023
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Ijimeru Aitsu ga Warui noka, Ijimerareta Boku ga Warui noka?


5:46 am, Jan 22 2023
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Especially Husband's reputation is wrecked.

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