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Fave anime/manga catchphrase?

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12:39 am, Jun 13 2007
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Air : Misuzu's ' Gao '
Inuyasha: Inuyasha's ' Keh'

Millions more but I don't wanna spam kek

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1:08 am, Jun 13 2007
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Prince of tennis:
Echizen Ryoma: Mada mada dane.

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1:09 am, Jun 13 2007
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already said but i really like it ^_^ :
Golden boy: "Obenkyoo~! Obenkyoo~! Obenkyoo~!"
Full Metal Panic : Souske: " Roger!" and "Mondai nai.."

I really like them biggrin

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3:15 am, Jun 13 2007
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one piece: gomu gomu no (the technique name)!!!
dragon ball: kame hame ha!!!!
bleach: i swear on the pride of quincy.

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3:49 am, Jun 13 2007
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the no da from chichiri really does get stuck in your head.(its worse in english, ya know) lol I think I was watching FY back when FF8 was new, raijin + chichiri = "ya know" stuck in my dialect for weeks.

also, tengen toppa gurren-lagaan's kamina with : "Dabbu Dabbu Dabbu Dabbu Dabbu Da!!!!!" couldnt help but laugh at that one

another classic, any galge or h-anime with an imouto theme can never go without: "Nanka Deru" laugh

the "desu nya" thats used by cat or female characters from time to time

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4:29 am, Jun 13 2007
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Quote from Scyfon
Shakugan no Shana:
Shana: Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!

8D she reminds me of Haruhi Suzumiya

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6:00 am, Jun 13 2007
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Yeah, seriously, what was wrong with Viz when they decided to use that catch phrase? confused When I hear it now, I just want to punch someone in the face a little laugh

"If we didn't/don't do this, we'll be disgracing the mermaids of Seto Island!~Another way to write ninkyo is ningyo!" Seto from Seto no Hanayome. I'm pretty sure it's something like that ^_^'''

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Post #19642 - Reply to (#19542) by Scyfon
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6:02 am, Jun 13 2007
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Scyfon beat me to it

Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi!

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6:08 am, Jun 13 2007
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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Sousuke in Bonta-kun arm slave: Fumoffu!

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Post #19727 - Reply to (#19425) by sakimichi

3:29 pm, Jun 13 2007
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Quote from heardtheowl
Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi:
Blah blah blah blah blah (whatever every sentence), no da!

No da! it's not a catchphrase since it can't even be considered a word (It's a kind of "sound copula" with no meaning). You could say that is more like a personalized "manner of speech" or "dialect" and it's unstranslatable (The same with nyu, nyo and the like).

Quote from sakimichi
it could be something memorable,sticking,unforgettable and inspirational 8D

There are too many unforgettable quotes in anime/manga to be cited here.

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Post #19755 - Reply to (#19608) by palepail
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7:14 pm, Jun 13 2007
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Quote from palepail
Prince of tennis:
Echizen Ryoma: Mada mada dane.

My favorite without a doubt.

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8:12 pm, Jun 13 2007
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Supeeeeeeer!! From One Piece, Franky's catchphrase. It is so fun to start doing it in real life when something cool happens, WITH THE POSE. I don't think anybody else in One Piece who has a catch phrase, but assuming "MEEEEEAAAAAT" can count as Luffy's, I like that one too. It's hilarious how he's always thinking of food, even at times when much more important things are going on.

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8:44 pm, Jun 13 2007
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fumoffu was indeed funny as heck
yea basically everything luffy says in one piece, notable others include nami's "shiawase punch <3" in the anime and "go to hell you bastard!" by chopper
also liked "oro?" from kenshin
and "ara ara" from hayate the combat butler (i think thats what the maid said but i cant remmeber for sure)

ps: reading the other posts now and yes "gaooooo" from misuzu is extremely funny and cute at the same time...
same with sosuke's "mondai nai"

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8:47 pm, Jun 13 2007
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Himura Kenshin - De gozaru (there was that one episode where the baby started saying it too bigrazz)

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Post #19767 - Reply to (#19539) by otakubaybay

9:04 pm, Jun 13 2007
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"Sugoiii!"-Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura! I say it all the time now biggrin She also has one other phrase that isn't really a word, so it's hard to put it into word form...anyone know it? confused


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